Best Tweets you would Definitely Enjoy

Best Tweets you would Definitely Enjoy

        1. The World Cup final between Germany and Argentina…. The Cruelest cake in history!! -The Football Jester (@Footballjester) 15 Jul 201        2 .   Googling “How the ever-lovin’ HELL do you play Pokemon?” soon to be followed by “How do I talk my kid into playing ANYTHING but Pokemon?” […]

Top 8 Aggressive Dogs Breeds in the World

Top 8 Aggressive Dogs Breeds in the World

Dogs are most loyal and wonderful companions for their owners. However in certain circumstances, any breed can be aggressive. Even cute and calm pets can attack and bite. Some dogs are more dangerous than other breeds. The following is a list of the 8 most aggressive dog breeds that repeatedly make headlines for attacking people. […]

Lionel Messi with his son Thiago

15 Footballer Dads & their Adorable Children’s(In Photos)

1 . Lionel Messi with his son Thiago 2 . LCristiano Ronaldo and Cristiano Jr. 3 . LMarcelo and his son Enzo 4.  Lukas Podolski and little Louis 5 . David Villa with his children Zaida, Olaya and Luca 6 . LÁlvaro Arbeloa having fun with his family in Disneyland 7 . LWayne, Kai and […]

World's largest aquatic insect found in Sichuan

Sichuan Hosts the World’s Largest Aquatic Insect

Photo taken on July 17, 2014 reveals a specimen of an insect that belongs to the order Megaloptera which is discovered in a mountain of Chengdu, Sichuan province. The insect shows incredible wingspan measuring 21 centimetres. This creature is regarded as the largest aquatic insect in the world. Via : ecns

X-Rayed Toys by Brendan Fitzpatrick

Brendan’s X-ray Art Reveals Unusual Photography

Photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick based in Sydney, Australia, is popular for his X-ray photography. One of his clients requested him to create a photo that was similar to an X-ray. To achieve this kind of photography, Brendan had to implement both chest X-ray and mammogram machines in his work. He says that the photos came out […]