30 Most Dangerous Snakes in the world

30 Most Dangerous Snakes in the world

The big hollow fangs, amazingly smooth skin and long parted tongue are the most exquisite and attractive features of a snake. Despite of these attractive looks, snakes are one of the most feared creatures on this planet. Found on every continent, except Antarctica, snakes have played the roles of dangerous and evil creatures in various myths. Snakes are feared for their venomous bites that could kill almost any living creature. There are about 2,400 spices of snakes found all across the globe out of which only 600 species are venomous. These 600 species are responsible for ruining the reputation of the whole community of this beautiful creature. In this article we have discussed some of the most dangerous snakes of the world. These poisonous snakes are the most venomous snakes that are counted for the death of many animals as well as humans. Here is the list of thirty such snakes and their habitat.

1 Black Mamba :

Black Mamba
Found in many parts of Africa, Black Mamba is a very venomous snake. This longest species of venomous snakes of Africa is also the second longest species of venomous snakes of the world. Black Mamba got its name after its black colored mouth. Generally ranging from 2.5 to 3.2 m in length, it is an aggressive snake that has very raid acting venom. Its venom can kill a human being within twenty minutes.

2 Rattle Snake :

Rattle Snake
Found mostly in North America, Rattle snake is popular for its weird tail. This tail makes a rattling noise whenever the snake senses any danger and thus this snake is called as Rattle snake. These snakes live in groups and feed mainly on small birds and rodents. They are considered very poisonous snakes that generally use their poison to kill their prey. Though considered as very dangerous snakes, there are very less cases of human deaths caused by a Rattle Snake.

3 Death adder :

Death adder
Commonly found in Australia, Death adder is one of the most venomous snakes of the world. Death adders are known for their viper like looks and way of hunting. Unlike other snakes, Death Adders are not active hunters. They hide under soil, leaves or sand and ambush their prey. They use their tail to attract small rodents as it looks like a worm. These snakes range from seventy to hundred centimeters in length.

4 Viper :

Found almost in every part of the world except Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Hawaii and Madagascar, Vipers are also known as Viperidae Snakes. These snakes have big hollow fangs which are situated in a mouth that can open about 1800 which helps in protecting the fangs from any damage. These are considered as one of the most intelligent snakes that can control the amount of venom secreted by them. Further, the venom of a viper acts as a paralyze that immobilizes the victim. A bite from a viper is very painful and many times leads to death.

5 Philippine Cobra :

 Philippine Cobra

Found in northern Philippine, it is a highly venomous spitting cobra. This snake ranges upto one meter in length. Fond of water, this species of cobra feeds on small frogs and other rodents. However, these snakes sometimes like to feed on other snakes as well. Venom of this snake causes difficulty in breathing and if not treated in time leads to complete respiratory failure.

6 Tiger Snake :

 Tiger Snake

Another poisonous snake native to Australia is the Tiger Snake. It is also found in Tasmania. It is named as tiger because of its yellow and black colored skin. It is very venomous snake whose venom can kill a person in thirty minutes. Tiger snake can range upto two to three meters in length. It is a protected species of snakes in most Australian states.

7 Inland Taipan :

Inland Taipan
Coming from Australia, Inland Taipan is also commonly known as Western Taipan. It is the most fierce snake with very toxic venom. One bite from and Inland Taipan can lead to death within an hour. Generally, these snakes are about two meters in length however; some of these snakes can grow upto a length of 2.5 meters. It is also one of the most shy snakes that runs away when senses any danger.

8 Blue Krait :

Blue Krait
Also known as Malayan Krait, this beautiful snake belongs to Southeast Asia, south India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. These snakes have a number of black, brown or blue colored crossbands on their bodies. They are popularly known for hunting in the dark. These snakes range from 1 to 1.5 meters in length. They are very venomous snakes. Their venom is considered to be lethal even after the treatment with anti-venom.

9 Eastern Brown Snake :

 Eastern Brown Snake
Found in Australia and in New Guinea in Indonesia, Eastern Brown Snake is the second most venomous snake of the world. It is also sometimes called as Common Brown Snake. The length of this venomous snake ranges from 1.2 to 1.8 meters. Its venom can cause paralysis and cardiac arrest which ultimately leads to death. It is said that only about 1/14000 of an ounce of its venom is sufficient for killing a human being. They are considered as dangerous because they live very near to human habitat and are commonly seen in houses and backyards.

10 Central Ranges Taipan :

Central Ranges Taipan

It is a species of Tapien that is found in Australia and some parts of Asia. This species of Taipan is very fast-moving and extremely venomous. As these snakes are about one meter in length and have brown color thus they were misunderstood as Common Brown Snake until the discovery of some other new species of Tapian snakes in 2007.

11 Belcher’s Sea Snake :

Belcher’s Sea Snake

Popularly known as the faint-banded sea snake, Belcher’s snake is a very poisonous sea snake. Found in South East Asia and Northern Australia, this snake ranges from 0.5 to 1 meter in length. The venom of this snake can kill a human being within an hour or so. It is believed that a few milligrams of its venom can kill about a thousand people. Though sometimes referred to as most poisonous snake of the world, it is the second most poisonous snake after Inland Tapian.

12 African Puff adder :

African Puff adder
Also known as Common Puff Adder, this snake is widely distributed over the continent of Africa. This snake is popular for most snakebite fatalities in Africa. This snake is about one meter in length and likes to get out in the sun. Thus, it is commonly seen on footpaths, roads and other human inhibited areas. They are very sluggish snakes who like to ambush their prey.

13 The Forest Cobra :

The Forest Cobra

Popularly known as black cobra, it is the largest species of cobra in Africa. Commonly found in western and central parts of Africa, this snake likes to live in lowlands and moist places. This species of cobra ranges from 1.5 to 2.2 meters in length. It is a fast snake that can easily climb trees upto a height of ten meters. As this snake dwells in forests thus it is considered less fatal to humans. However, its venom is highly toxic and one bite of this snake is sufficient to kill a human being.

14 Desert Horned Viper :

Desert Horned Viper
This species of viper is found in Middle East and North Africa. This snake is popular for its weird moving technique that it uses to slide over loose sand particles. This weird movement has made it popular as sidewinder viper. The two horns available on its head adds to another name i.e. horned viper. This snake hides under desert and ambushes its prey. It ranges from 12 to 24 inch in length and feeds on rodents found in the desert.

15 Boomslang :


Boomslang means tree snake. Thus, this snake is commonly found on the branches of trees. Native to Sub Sahara region of Africa, this snake has length ranging between 100 to160 cm. The head of a Boomslang is generally smaller as compared to its body. This small head contains smaller fangs that are used to secrete venom. However, these fangs are so small that the amount of venom secreted by them is very little and thus these snakes are not considered lethal to humans.

16 King Cobra :

King Cobra

Surrounded by many superstitions, King Cobra is a very popular snake that is worshipped in many parts of India and Burma. One of the popular myths associated with cobras is that they have very sharp memory. It is the longest venomous snake that ranges between 3 to 4 meters in length. King Cobras have very big fangs that can secrete about 200 to 500 mg of venom in one bite.

17 Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake :

 Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake

The eastern diamondback rattle snake is the largest rattle snake species. It is found in southeastern US. It is called diamond back because of the numerous diamond shaped patterns on its back. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the heaviest venomous snake of the world that weighs upto ten kg. This snake can be as long as 2.4 meters.

18 Western Diamondback Rattlesnake :

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
This is also a type of diamond back rattle snake is found in USA and Mexico. This snake is more venomous as compared to Eastern Diamond Back Rattle Snake. The average length of this snake is 120cm and it weighs between 1.8 to 2.7kg.

19 Coral Snake :

 Coral Snake

The Coral Snake is native to many southern states of the USA. This red, black and yellow colored snake is one of the most venomous snakes of the world. Though these snakes have a very shy nature, there have been incidents of coral snake bites. The small fangs cannot penetrate easily through human skin however the bite can be lethal.

20 Speckled Brown Snake :

Speckled Brown Snake

Found in Australia in Northern territory, Queensland, and South Australia, Speckled Brown Snake is live in grassy plains. These are very quick and fast snakes that stay alert all the time. Like other brown snakes, this species is also considered dangerous to humans. However, their bite is not considered as fatal but requires immediate medical attention.

21 The Western Brown snake, or Gwardar :

 The Western Brown snake
This species of brown snakes is native to Australia and are considered as very poisonous snakes. Commonly found in Western Australia, these snakes have short fangs and are very fast snakes. Their short fangs is the reason of their being less fatal to humans.

22 Beaked Sea Snake :

Beaked Sea Snake
Commonly found in the tropical Indo-Pacific, Beaked sea snake is a venomous sea snake. It is also known as Common Sea Snake. These snakes are often seen on the coastal islands of India. It is called as beaked sea snake because of its hooked nose shaped head. This snake emits about 7.5 mg of venom in one bite which is approximately half of the venom amount considered to be fatal for humans.

23 Coastal Taipan :

Coastal Taipan
The coastal taipan is also known as common taipan. This snake is found in the coastal regions of north and east Australia and also in the island of New Guinea. It is the largest venomous snake in Australia that ranges between 1.5 to 2 meters in length. It is also world’s third most venomous snake.

24 Lancehead :


Lancehead is also popularly known as Bothrops. Found in South America it is a very poisonous species of pit vipers. The average length of lancehead ranges between 75cm to 125cm. This snake spits out about 154 mg of poison at a time. This snake is responsible for most fatalities in America caused by snake bites.

25 Bushmasters :


Another poisonous species of pit vipers found in Central and South America is the Bushmasters. They are the largest venomous snakes of Western Hemisphere with an average length between 2 to 2.5 meters. These snakes can weigh between 3 to 5 kg. These snakes are very fast that are capable of multiple bite strikes and thus can emit a large amount of venom.

26 Timber Rattlesnake :

Timber Rattlesnake
Found in eastern US, Timber Rattlesnake is a species of pit vipers. These rattlesnakes can eat other rattle snakes when hungry. Ranging between 91cm to 152cm in length, these snakes can weigh upto 900 grams. These are found in forest areas mostly. These snakes have long fangs and are considered as one of the most dangerous snakes in North America.

27 The Prairie Rattlesnake :

The Prairie Rattlesnake
A popular pit viper spice that is found in US, Canada and Mexico is Prairie Rattlesnake. These snakes are also one of the most widely distributed snakes of North America. These snakes can range upto 100 cm in length. Their venom is fatal for humans and these snakes attack humans when they sense danger.

28 The Mojave Rattlesnake :

The Mojave Rattlesnake
This species of pit viper snakes is found in the desert area of the southwest United States and central Mexico. These snakes are also widely distributed over the North American continent. These snakes can range upto 100 cm ion length. These snakes are highly poisonous and their bite can prove to be fatal if not treated in time.

29 Copperheads :


The copperheads are widely distributed over North America. They belong to a subfamily of pit viper snakes and are poisonous. These snakes can range between 55cm to 100cm in length. It is popularly called copperhead because of its copper colored skin. This snake has a big head and big fangs which spit out large amount of venom. The large fangs can secrete about 100mg of venom at a time. However, these snakes are not aggressive and thus are not fatal to humans.

30 Russell’s viper :

Russell’s viper
Also popularly known as Chain Viper, Russell’s viper is found in Asia, especially India and Southeast Asia. It is named in the honor of Scottish herpetologist Patrick Russell. In India, it is popularly known as Daboia which means lurker. This snake emits about 125 to 135 mg of venom at a time. This snake is responsible for most snakebite fatalities in Asia.

These were the thirty most dangerous snakes of the world that are to be feared from. Hope you liked the above article.Comments and reviews are much appreciated in the comment section below.