Tips on how to flirt someone without hurting them

Tips on how to flirt someone without hurting them

how to flirt
Flirting is an art that everyone have in them but just need to polish it up. Before we  start telling you all about flirting tips , we want to make it very clear that there is a huge difference between flirting and teasing someone, so don’t tease anyone. The best part about flirting someone is that you don’t necessarily has to have a crush on them. It starts when you find someone attractive and wanted to have conversation with them or wanted to spend a time with them. Today every or rather almost every youngster desires to have a hot, sizzling girlfriend right on their side and same is the case of girls they look for a hot, dashing, handsome hunk to become a centre of attraction. Flirting is a very basic thing that everyone knows however, the process needs to be accurate and unique that you all need to learn. In this article, I will give you the best of tips to flirt with someone you like or you are attracted to.

1. Gather some information about the person:

To flirt someone first-of-all you need to know a bit about a person like their hobbies, desires, expectations, background etc. Once you have this information about them it gets easier for you to understand their needs need and lifestyle they live.

2. Follow them:

You need to follow them to know if they study, work etc, and catch their timing so that you can start an conversation with the person you want to flirt. By following, that person will also notice you and will get a clue that you like that person.

3. Talk to them:

Once you have all the information and timings when they come and go, start a conversation with them. Conversation needs to be casual, don’t get nervous, start with greeting them. Let them know that you like them.

4. Introduce yourself:

Introduce yourself to a person in a very impressive way. You should sound very optimistic and full of life to them. Introduction plays a huge role in flirting someone as it decides whether they will talk to you or not.

5. Smile.

You’ll probably smile automatically if you’re talking to someone you like, but you can use your pearly whites to your advantage before the conversation even starts.

6. Ask for a Cell Number:

In a first meet, you need to ask for a mobile number because chatting and talking over a phone makes it flirting easier. You need to build a trust on a person that you won’t misuse their no. and won’t even air it.

7. Compliment:

Once you get a mobile number, start chatting, and ask them if they are comfortable if you call them. Start your conversation with compliment them like you hair are very silky, you have an angel smile, your voice is very sweet ect. Remember compliments always play a vital role in impressing someone.

8. Eye Contact:

To impress someone it becomes very important to have an eye contact with them. This shows your confidence and every word you say sounds true to them. It is not necessary that you keep on looking at them but when required you should not fail to do so.

9. Ask for a Date:

If you think that, the person is now getting friendly and comfortable with you ask for a date. Taking someone for a date can bring more closeness to a relation and other will get more and more comfortable with you. On date, order everything of their choice and pay a bill for everything it gives a good impression.

10. Use a Gentle Body Language:

While walking with them hold their hand or put your hand on their shoulder in a way that they don’t feel awkward. Gently rub your hand on their hand, which brings out their feelings for you.

11. Practice makes you perfect:

As they say, practice makes a man perfect, so practice as much as you can. Try to flirt with those whom you see randomly. That way, you’ll have some flirting experience under your belt when you approach the people who really matter.

So, these were few tips for flirting a guy or a girl. Remember never flirt with someone who are already dating or have a partner. As I told you that there is a difference between teasing and flirting, so never tease someone just because you desperately need them. Use flirting as a art and respect everyone in a relationship.