Prisoners in El Salvador, Kept in Cages and treated inhumanely

Prisoners in El Salvador, Kept in Cages and treated inhumanely

Have you ever heard about a prison where there is no space to sleep and prisoners can just sit? If no, then we introduce you to the El Salvador prison that is among the worst in Latin America. El Salvador is a home for gang members where they are kept and behaved like a animal. It is 12 feet wide and 15 feet tall and occupied with more of 30 people.

Every prisoner in El Salvador gets a harsh and inhuman treatment. Although the cells are only designed for a maximum stay of 72-hours, however many gangsters of the rival MS-13 and M18 gangs have been held for over a year.
We can only imagine the life of these prisoners who often get sick and are caught with dangerous diseases having no doctor to treat them or look after them. Security guards of El Salvador treat prisoners like a dog and do not show any human courtesy.

This is something that you all must not have heard in your lifetime. With this article we hope that Government look in to the matter and take some immediate steps to improve the condition of El Salvador.

Photos of An El Salvador Prison For Gang Members








Images Via : Fullym/Gilesnclarke

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