10 Most Popular Whiskeys Brands in the World

10 Most Popular Whiskeys Brands in the World

There is a wide range of types, flavors, and prices that make the task of choosing a bottle a daunting one. Although whiskey is not something to be recommended to someone but as, they say if you take it occasionally its good for your health because excess of everything is bad. It is very important that you choose a whiskey brand carefully and not to go for cheap whiskey brands as they can result to a horrible hangover or can damage your lungs. In this article, we will be talking about some famous and most popular whiskeys.

1. Kavalan Solist Fino Single Malt Whisky ($220.00)

Kavalan Solist Fino Single Malt Whisky ($220.00
Produced by King Car Distillery, Kavalan Solist Fino Single Malt Whisky was awarded full 100 points by the the Beverage Testing Institute in year 2012 and announced as “A colossal whisky of the highest order” in 2013. The taste of this whisky is described as “hint of sweet mango juice.”

2. Masterson’s Straight Rye ($70)

Masterson’s Straight Rye
The rye is grown in the verdant Pacific Northwest, and we choose only rye that exhibits the perfect combination of weight, plumpness and rich, earthy fragrance. Its uniquely smooth taste makes it one of the best and popular whiskeys around the Globe.

3. Yamazaki 18yr Single Malt Whisky ($165)

Yamazaki 18yr Single Malt Whisky
Yamazaki 18yr Single Malt Whisky is produced by Suntory Distilling Company and owned by Suntory. This whisky is a older expression from Yamazaki. It was named best other Whisky in the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

4. Evan Williams Single Barrel 2003 Vintage ($26)

Evan Williams Single Barrel 2003 Vintage
Single Barrel 2003 Vintage has proved that to be best one doesn’t have to be old, high in alcohol, or expensive to be good. It has scored 93 points in Advanced Whisky Advocate magazine rating. This whisky is smooth and full of fruit flavors.

5. Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask Whisky ($120)

Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask Whisky ($120)
Originated in Taiwan and produced by King Car Distillery, Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask Whisky is full of taste. It is named for the “earliest clan that inhabited the Lan-Yan Plain.” The whisky is known for its realness stuff and is the first home-distilled whisky of Taiwan’s.

6. Millstone Sherry Cask 12 year old (€60)

 Millstone Sherry Cask 12 year old
Zuidam, a Dutch spirits and liquor company made Millstone and has used the very finest ingredients to make it world’s best whisky. A world class shirred 12 year old that matches many serried Scotch whiskies flavor to flavor.

7. Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve ($250)

Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve
This whisky is produced by Midleton Distillery is originated in Ireland. It was named as a top Irish whiskey in the year 2008 by San Francisco World Spirits competition. It uses their oldest whiskey blended with pot still whiskey aged partly in port wine barrels.

8. Gibson’s Finest Rare 18-year-old ($75)

Gibson’s Finest Rare 18-year-old ($75)
A Canadian whisky that holds fresh-cut lumber, hot white pepper, and creamy oak caramels in delicate balance. Sweet vanilla contrasts with dusty rye, while a drop of pickle juice slowly matures into poached pears with cloves.

9. Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon Whisky ($100)

Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon Whisky
King Car Distillery produces Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon Whisky. The sterling 2012 Beverage Testing Institute review called it “One of the most decadently delicious whiskies in the world.” In 2013, they declared it to have an “almost endless finish.”

10. Big Peat Small Batch ($48)

Big Peat Small Batch
Mix of smoky Islay malts Big Peat Small Batch gives a best competition to all famous whisky brands in the World. This is to whisky what AC/DC is to heavy rock: old school, predictable, but great and exactly what fans want.
Although there are many other popular brands available in the market but we have collected these top 10 popular whiskey brands for you. These brands are known worldwide for its flavor, taste, and royal image in the market.

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