10 Most Embarrassing Texts/Messages Ever

10 Most Embarrassing Texts/Messages Ever

Most Embarrassing Texts/Messages EverWell, we all do make mistakes in or life. But, as they say, we learn from our mistakes. Sometimes, we learn and the wrong done cannot be corrected. Mistakes have changed the lives of a number of people. Some of these mistakes happen by sending a text to the wrong person. And the situation turns out to be really embarrassing. Below are some of the embarrassing texts people have sent or received.

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    “A few months back my wife and I were going out to dinner with a few of her friends. The night before a very dear friend of mine gave birth to twins and was still in the hospital. I’d congratulated her earlier that morning. I got home that evening, before my wife, and decided to text my wife and ask her what she was wearing to the dinner to see how nice I needed to dress.

I did not check the name of the person I was texting, because I usually talk to my wife more than anyone else. My friend called me laughing asking why I wanted to know what she was wearing. She claimed that, though hospital gowns leave little to the imagination, they certainly aren’t sexy. To make matters worse her husband had already been threatened by she and I being friends. He was the first to read the text. Sadly, we haven’t really spoken since.”
Well, maybe she didn’t call because she was too busy taking care of the twins. Maybe that’s a consolation for the guy

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    Mom: I love you beautiful! Have a nice day!

    Mom: Sorry I meant to send that to your sister
    Son: …….
    Well, how was this??? Heartbreaking? Or funny?

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    How about you decide on this?? LOL

                                                     Boy: My love, if you are smiling, send me your smiles, if you are                                                         sleeping, send me  your  dreams, if you are crying, send me your tears. I love you.

Girl: I’m on the toilet… what do I send you?

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     Look at what autocorrect does:

                     Girl: Do I look like a cow?
Friend: Moo
Girl:  great
Friend: Moo
Girl: Be nice! That’s mean lol
Friend: OMG that was the worst auto correct ever!! I said Noo I swear to God  ( Damn auto-correct.)

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    Have you ever wished someone accidentally that they would die???

    Girl: Hey my grandma is in the hospital. I hope she gets better….. 
Friend: I hope she dies. 
Friend: I meant does! I hope she does!           ( Damn auto-correct.)

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                 “I was really exhausted and bored at work one rainy day so I texted my girlfriend at  the time: “I just want hot chocolate and snuggles.

                                  “A few weeks later I needed to text my boss about a meeting when I  noticed the last text I sent him  said :  I just want hot chocolate and snuggles.  I went in and copped to it, but he played dumb and pretended like it never happened.”

                                     Well, I guess that wasn’t the right time to ask for pay rice, was it? 

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                                          Was texting my best friend about some girlfriend issues at the time. Said something to the effect of, “It feels like I’m just waiting for her to break up with me.” Accidentally sent to said girlfriend.

                                She was currently in the same  room as me. Watched as she looked at her phone, looked at me, then took me outside and broke up with me.”

At least, she took him out! Good for him!

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                             “I intended to send “I Love You” to my girlfriend of 18 months. I accidentally sent it to the ex-wife.”

                         Whatever, we don’t really want to know what happened next do we?

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                             “I texted a YouTube video of a guy doing One armed push-ups. To my                                   boss who lost his arm in a biking accident. It was supposed to go to my girlfriend (now fiancée)”

Let’s just hope that his boss had a good sense of humour.

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    “”Hey babe, I’ll be over at around 10pm tonight”

                   … to the mother of one of my piano students -_-“
                    At this point, what really matters is whether the student continues going to the class or not! LOL 