5 Strangest Customs Practiced All Over The World

5 Strangest Customs Practiced All Over The World

We come across different cultures when we travel around the globe. Cultures represent different identification, lifestyles, geography and much more. When you study about the various cultures, you may come across a number of weird things. Here, I have listed the top 5 strangest cultures which exist even to this day. Hope you enjoy reading it!

Mourning of Muharram

One of the strangest cultures in the Muslim communities is the Mourning of Muharram. It takes place on the death anniversary of Husayn Ibn Ali. Well, reading about this will surely give you creeps. On the day of Mourning of Muharram, quite a number of groups of Shia Muslims go out with whips. They are not just whips, but they are attached with blades and knives. Then they beat themselves continuously with these whips. Like that isn’t enough, some even go and cut off their heads with those knives. Although this seems cruel, people have been practising the tradition from generations and it will be passed on. Also, it is interesting to note that people practice this custom voluntarily.

Tossing the babies

Even just hearing the phrase sends chills all over our body. I mean, we can’t even imagine ourselves getting tossed. Then, what would be the plight of the babies? However, this doesn’t seem to bother the people of Solapur, a village in Maharashtra of India. There, it is a common practice to toss babies, that too newborns, from the terraces of fifty feet towers. At the bottom of the tower, there are people who stand holding sheets to catch the baby safely. This tradition is practised as the people believe that doing so will give their children good luck, make them smart and will help them lead a long and healthy life.

Kidnapping the bride

Hey! Isn’t that illegal? However, believe it or not, the Romani have carried out this ritual which is absolutely criminal for centuries. And, they don’t kidnap the bride when she is alone. They do it right in front of the groom and all the guests present. Usually, the whole thing is planned by the groom’s friends. Then they demand the ransom which is mostly just a few bottles of whisky or sometimes, something which is a bit more romantic. The people who kidnap the bride negotiate through the phone. Although this tradition sounds a little stupid, it is practised as a fun event and is totally harmless.

Living with the dead

Never in your wildest dreams can one imagine living with dead bodies. But, what if it’s your loved one? You will sometimes give it a thought even though it sounds weird. However, it is a very common practice in Indonesia. Some ethnic groups wrap up the dead in special garbs and keep it safely in their houses. They believe that the soul of the deceased will be preserved until burial.

Walking Dead

I know, it sounds too strange. Anyways, this custom is usually for the fearless ones. As the funerals can be expensive, some families cannot afford a proper burial. So, they place the dead bodies in a temporary coffin. Later, when they are able to maintain the fund, they raise the corpse from the dead and it is believed that it walks to its new place. Creepy, brave or stupid? Well, that’s for you to decide.