Seven Years of Marriage Reveals a great Twist of Fate -Married Couple...

Seven Years of Marriage Reveals a great Twist of Fate -Married Couple turn out to be Real Brother and Sister

Seven Years of Marriage Reveals a great Twist of Fate -Married Couple turn out to be Real Brother and Sister.
This is really surprising and unbelievable to know that the “Bond of Love” between the couple has turned out to be a “Blood Relation”. Wondering, is this true? Yeah!!!
A Brazilian lady in search of her mother came to know that she had married her own brother unknowingly. The couple met each other 7 years ago from now and they now have a 6 year old daughter .This unbelievable truth was revealed to them through a TV show named “The Time Is Now” aired by Radio Globo’s that aims to unite lost relatives and relations.
Woman Discovers That Her Husband is Actually Her Brother

The channel changed the name of the couple, location and dates so as to ensure the identity of the couple. Adriana and Leandro both were children abandoned by their parents. The couple was aware of the fact that they both have mother with the same name but they never expected the coincidence to happen that they are children from the same mother. Adriana aged 39 went to the show in search of her mother and during the show was on she came to know that her mother has given up on another baby who has the same first name as her husband.
On the show when Adriana asked her mother if she had children apart from her, then her mother Maria revealed that she had a male child named Leandro who was not from her father but another man. On hearing this Adriana became desperate and started shedding tears. It was really an unbelievable twist of fate for her; she said to her mother I just cannot believe the fact that you are telling My Husband is My Brother.
Adriana in no way blames her mother for abandoning them as Maria was ill-treated by her husband and that is why she abandoned Adriana. Most of the news reports term his to be: Genetic Sexual Attraction” which generally happens between 2 separated relatives when they meet for the first time unaware of the fact that they are related to each other. Even after this great emotional trauma the couple says that it will in no way have an impact on their relationship and they are committed to keep their marriage alive. Adriana further adds saying that only death can separate us and all this has happened unknowingly and we cannot blame anyone for this act.

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