Top 10 Moments of Miley Cyrus

Top 10 Moments of Miley Cyrus

Who do you think is the current queen of controversy? Well, it is none other than the pop singer, Miley Cyrus! There are so many controversies about her and sometimes, we feel that she is acting controversial for controversy’s sake! There is so much drama around the singer and we couldn’t help but write down her top controversies. Read on to know the top 10 Miley moments!

The ELLE magazine interviewThe ELLE magazine interview – forgotten!

Well, Miley had posed for ELLE magazine sometime back. And, she made this ironic statement in the interview: ‘A star is someone who doesn’t have to take her clothes off to be sexy because you naturally have star power.’ Looks like someone has forgotten their own advice! Or maybe it dawned on her that she hasn’t got any real talent after all!

She ends her engagement with Liam HemsworthShe ends her engagement with Liam Hemsworth

Liam and Miley met on the sets of the movie ‘The Last Song’ in which they both starred together. They had even announced that they’d be married soon. But, they just ended up being engaged. However, they later officially called their wedding off and ended the engagement. Quite a shock! Wasn’t it? Or, maybe not! Its Miley guys!

She bleached her eyebrowsShe bleached her eyebrows

When you are asked how weird one can get, you might give out some answers. But you probably wouldn’t have thought this – I mean, who on earth would bleach their eyebrows? Even a person out of her mind would think twice before doing this I guess. But, our Miley here didn’t. She went on and just bleached them!

Quite a few slips!

I think it wouldn’t be wrong if I said that there have been quite more than a few nipple slips from Miley. To others, it might look like wardrobe malfunction but in reality, it’s her style! Once, she even wore a transparent mesh top. But thank the lord; she had large black nipple plasters on! And, she had even dressed up as Lil’ Kim at Halloween with only her breast sticking out!


We couldn’t forget this! She released her fourth studio album Bangerz and it sold out rapidly. In fact, more than 270,000 copies of the album were sold. And, she reached the peak within no time.

Miley Cyrus 2Using dwarfs

We all have seen Miley appearing on different TV shows with a backing team of dwarf musicians and dancers. Although some of them were truly happy to get picked by the singer, some were kind of mad. Hollis Jane, an LA based performer reported that he was a bear in Miley’s VMA performance and it was the first time in her life that she felt ashamed of being a little person. She also added that it was the most degrading thing she could possibly do.

The naked truthThe naked truth

If you are thinking that Miley had stripped down only for Wrecking ball, then you are totally wrong! She did the same for V Magazine, made the cover of Rolling Stone and went skinny dipping in a music video for Future. In fact, she was coined the most over-exposed artist of 2013.

She hosted SNLShe hosted SNL

Miley was both the musical guest and the host for the Saturday Night Live show. She mocked the government shutdown and gave two musical performances. This video topped the most viewed among shows. Also, it the third most tweeted about show that week.

Paris Hilton dresses like Miley for HalloweenParis Hilton dresses like Miley for Halloween

Guess what the ultimate proof of pop culture permeation is? Obviously, it is the recognizable Halloween costume. And, Paris Hilton totally pulled it off when she dressed like Miley for Halloween!

Miley stuns at the VMAsMiley stuns at the VMAs

We gotta agree, Miley’s performance at the VMAs was just bizarre! I mean, who could forget the performance with Robin Thicke? The tongue, the teddy bears and the twerking, all of them – whether you liked them or not, it was the top culture story which lasted for days, in fact, you can still find people talking about it. I guess this list wouldn’t exist without it!