Swedish Divers have Recovered a 200-year-old Setlers Bottle from a Shipwreck in...

Swedish Divers have Recovered a 200-year-old Setlers Bottle from a Shipwreck in Baltic Sea

Swedish researchers have recently recovered a sealed Selters bottle from a shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

The world’s oldest bottle of mineral water has been uncovered from the depths of the Baltic Sea by Polish scuba divers

The sealed 200-year-old  Selters bottle was submitted for analysis and the results revealed that the flask contains 14% alcohol, and it could be a vodka or gin diluted with water.

‘Did someone really pour this drink into a soda bottle, or are we dealing with a different beverage? Experts will try to determine this in another series of analyses, which will be completed in early September’ – said Bednarz an underwater archeologist at the National Maritime Museum in Poland.

The archaeologist further said that “The alcohol is drinkable. This means it would not cause poisoning. Apparently, however, it does not smell particularly good.”

200 years ago, archaeologists have found.The well-preserved and sealed bottle was recovered from F53.31 shipwreck in Gdansk Bay, close to the Polish coast.

“The bottle dates back to the period of 1806-1830 and has been recovered during the works on the F-53-31 shipwreck, or the so-called Glazik,” which in Polish means a small rock, Tomasz Bednarz said.

Apart from the bottle, the divers have also recovered parts of ceramics, a small bowl and a few pieces of dinner set.

200-year-old booze found in shipwreck
The 200 year-old flask has the name ‘Selters’ inscribed in its stoneware

Selters is high quality German mineral water brand which was popular 1000 years ago. It was believed that a few sips of the mineral water also known as ‘fluid treasure’, can boost strength and health.

‘So far, due to its preserved state and historical background, the stoneware bottle is our most valuable find,’ said Dr Bednarz.

Via : foxnews