8-year-old fan who dresses like Fidel Castro meets his real-life hero

8-year-old fan who dresses like Fidel Castro meets his real-life hero

Marlon Mendez meets with Fidel Castro

Do you have an idol that you follow to the core; perhaps we are too week to idolize someone as intensely as the 8-year-old boy named Marlon Mendez idolizes former Cuban President Fidel Castro. The kiddo who dresses up like the 88-year-old Castro did throughout his life, got an opportunity of a lifetime to meet his real life hero, when the retired Cuban leader invited Marlon and his family, to his Havana home.

Marlon is a unique boy in his own little sense. He likes to dress up like Fidel Castro. In his daily routine, Marlon dresses in green fatigues, army boots and Castro-style cap. All he misses in his Castro avatar is the leader’s trademark beard and cigar.

As evident, Marlon who had a dream of meeting Castro, was really emotional on meeting his real-life hero. Speaking to Reuters Marlon said:

I felt a lot of emotion upon seeing Fidel. The whole family hugged him. It was my dream to meet Fidel, and I did it.

There may be divided opinion in Cuba over Fidel Castro and his leadership in the Cuban revolution of 1959, some Cubans love and respect Castro while others dismiss him as a dictator – for Marlon Mendez, Castro has been and will be a hero forever.

Marlon, who’s bedroom is adorned with pictures of Castro, proudly shows off pictures from his meeting with Castro. He also flaunts the hand-written note from the former leader referred to “my great friend Marlon Mendez.”



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Via: Reuters