Vertical marathon to top of Beijing’s tallest 82 floor building

Vertical marathon to top of Beijing’s tallest 82 floor building

Vertical marathon in Beijing tallest building

With marathon running for charity becoming a trend; another type of marathon that is secretly climbing to the heights of recognition is the vertical marathon.

Vertical marathon running is now a global sport – attracting professional athletes, who train around the year to become the first to reach top of the world’s tallest buildings.

Recently, around six hundred athletes took to a vertically marathon that challenged athletes to run up the Beijing’s tallest building – comprising some 82 floors – a total of 2,041 steps.

The marathon, which took place on Sunday September 7, was the second edition of the China World Summit Wing Hotel Vertical Run.

The race, which took place in the hotel’s staircase, started in the ground floor lobby, and finished at the height of 330 at the rooftop of the hotel building.

Polish runner Piotr Lobodzinski finished first in the men’s race clocking 10 minutes 1.4 seconds, while the women’s race was won by Suzy Walsham from Australia. She clocked 11 minutes 50.3 seconds.

The Beijing’s vertical run, which was an ultimate test of fitness and endurance, is an official stop on the 2014 Vertical World Circuit (VWC). VWC is the only skyscraper racing circuit in the world, which unites most iconic skyscraper races, including the Empire State Building Run-Up in NYC.

Under the VWC all participating male and female contestants receive scores based on their performance in all races. Competitors with highest points at the end of the year are declared world champions for the year.

Via: Telegraph