Meet King Leo – A huge 23 lbs cat taking treadmill session...

Meet King Leo – A huge 23 lbs cat taking treadmill session to shed weight

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King Leo was found on the side of the road in Nashville, Tennessee. The condition was severe. The cat had gained a lot of weight and the hairs were all matted. Ten-year-old cat was handed over to Cat Shoppe Rescue, and at that time it weighed 23lbs. After receiving a caressed treatment, the cat was given a trim to get rid of matted hair by a veterinary technician named LaTish Lampley, who also adopted the cat.

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LaTisha said of the massive moggy:

He is the biggest cat of his size frame with that much weight on him that I’ve seen.

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Now, the health of the cat is under monitoring along with a physical therapy that also includes water treadmill sessions to reduce weight. According to LaTisha, the present condition of the cat is due to abusive treatment by his previous owner, but still King Leo is a fun loving, wonderful cat.

King Leo

Like all cats, he likes to play and loves belly rubbing. King Leo is also taking treadmill sessions with enthusiasm and likely to recover very soon.

Via: Metro