A male who spent £60,000 to become a bootylicious female

A male who spent £60,000 to become a bootylicious female

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What the world could do for fortune and fame isn’t always predictable. Anything, even the weirdest ways to enhance, manipulate body looks have found way into entertainment industry. Transgender entertainers spend on surgeries, implants, steroids or so and so chemicals.

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For example, Tatiana Williams, a 42-year old Miami-based entertainer has risked her life and has spent over £60,000 on illegal surgeries and lethal silicone injections. Take a look at the bootylicious figure of hers, and those big ass and boobs with sexy curves separating them. She had breast enhancement, chin implants, facial fillers, and laser surgery to achieve the body she had dreamed of.

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Now, you should also know that Tatiana Williams was born as a male (Named Cory Williams), but as the fate would have it, he spent over a decade in sculpting his body into her body. Now, as Tatiana puts it, the wealthiest of guys crave to take her on dinner or parties.

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Tatiana was almost obsessed about Kim Kardashian’s body and among celebrities, she says that Nicki Minaj wasn’t even around when she had an ass like hers. Well, it was for those who compare her body with Nicki.


Her buttocks measured 25 inches before she injected over hundred of illegal non-surgical silicone to make it 60 inches. She accepts seeing many desperate females dying or those who ended up as crippled due to these injections, but it was worth a risk for her.

However, she seems to be annoyed with guys who look at her sexy body with lust in their eyes. Well, what’s the use of looking sexy if it wasn’t meant to attract attention of men?

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