Facebook rip-off Netropolitan is only for the rich, subscribe at $9,000

Facebook rip-off Netropolitan is only for the rich, subscribe at $9,000


With an idea to make social networks a social club, composer James Touchi-Peters has come up with the Netropolitan – a Facebook rip-off for the rich.

Designed to provide an environment to the rich where they can talk finer things in life without getting backlashed, like they would in say a more “poor”-people’s website like Facebook.

You ticket to the rich man’s social club is just $9,000 a year – this amount includes $6,000 initiation fee and $3,000 annual fee. Not surprisingly, the member to the website should at least be 21-years-old.

Keeping details of its members a secret, Netropolitan has confirmed that it will provide its users with an ad-free environment. Members will be permitted to submit ads in a classified section of the club, but the site will not display third-party ads.

Speaking of the interface, the Netropolitan wouldn’t give you anything more different to what you have been used to playing with on Facebook. It will have a user profile with access to friends’ activity, notifications, messages, friends and followers. Netropolitan, just like the status update box in Facebook, will have an update box where you can write anything that you want your friends to read.

Additionally however, Netropolitan will provide its users with an unlimited cloud file storage – sorry you can’t store your money in there, if you thought.

Via: PCMag