A lesson in Female internal anatomy on an underwear

A lesson in Female internal anatomy on an underwear

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There isn’t any doubt about the fact that we live, more or less, in gender biased world. In countries like India, the public is highly gender biased and male dominating.

This discrimination has inspired not only activists, but artists too. Eleanor Haswell, an 18-year-old British art student has designed graphic female underwear, which depicts the anatomy of female genitals. The parts printed on the underwear are labeled in exact anatomical names. It looks decent in every aspect including that this piece is meant for the sake of art only and is not for sale.

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It was designed under a project, Why Are You So Afraid Of Your Own Anatomy? The whole purpose is to tell the world to stop preaching discrimination when it comes to female’s intimate parts. The designer is a feminist herself. She told Independent:

It is beyond me why people still feel that they have to pressure women into removing all body hair to be deemed attractive.


Her inspiration lies in #FreeTheNipple campaign on social media. If you ever came across it, then you’ll remember two American designers, Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle for their TaTa Top. The intentions were same, but the only difference is that the TaTa Top is for sale, while Haswell’s work is solely a piece of art.