Norwegian photographer captures majestic ‘Northern Lights’ over Narvik city

Norwegian photographer captures majestic ‘Northern Lights’ over Narvik city

Photographer die to capture Northern Lights, and if it’s Narvik Region in Norway, the combinations is beyond explanation in words. A Norway photographer spent many nights over an year in chilling cold of Navrik Region to capture arrays of Northern Lights.

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The photograph depicts Aurora Lighting in the region that is one hour by car from Tysford in the south to the Boarder Mountains of Sweden.

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There are marvelous scenes captured over the Narvik city, which has a total population of 19,000 and is located in Ofotfjorden, halfway between the Norwegian coast and the Boarder Mountains to Sweden.

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Pal Jakobsen expresses his ecstatic experience with a comparison to different reactions that he had seen from people after they saw the Northern Lights for the first time. He said,

I have heard people starting to cry, some were even frightened when they saw the Northern Lights. I have also actually heard people say ‘now I can die’ after seeing the light for the first time.

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As the photographer puts it, to define these scenes in words isn’t possible; we would suggest you to take a look at some of his stunning photographs of Northern Lights.

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