Nike’s artistic surprise – Amazing Sneakerball Sculpture

Nike’s artistic surprise – Amazing Sneakerball Sculpture

Nike Sneakball sculpture

Nike Netherlands and Rosie Lees London released a sculpture at this year’s SNEAKERBALL event. Well, shoes are something we wait from Nike, but this time it has taken its fans by surprise. Nike Shoes embedded in concrete ball said, “Come Out In Force”, and it was a viral hit.

Nike Sneakball sculpture 10

The sculpture was created by designer Shane Griffin from NYC for both physical and print use. The annual SNEAKBALL event was organized in Palaciao Cibeles, Madrid, Spain.

Nike Sneakball sculpture 6

The shoes visible in the images include Air Jordan 1, Nike Air Force 1 and Nike Blazer. The designer made full of this opportunity to take his work off the screen to create blueprint layouts from 3D geometry for this amazing artistic process. Take a look at the images and hail Nike.

Nike Sneakball sculpture9

Nike Sneakball sculpture 8

Nike Sneakball sculpture 7

Nike Sneakball sculpture 5

Nike Sneakball sculpture 4