How about a laptop-sniffing dogs for the digital age?

How about a laptop-sniffing dogs for the digital age?

laptop-sniffing dogs

Did you think you are sly enough to evade sniffing dogs; since you’re a digital age burglar who’d run away with electronic devices – think again? Selma and Thoreau are two dogs that can sniff out chemicals found in electronics.

Selma is a Black Labrador and Thoreau is a golden Labrador that have been trained to crack down computer crime in Connecticut. The Labradors are trained to pick up scent for laptops, USB drive and cameras, which are used of late to stash illegal material including child pornography.

The two dogs flunked out of Guiding Eyes for the Blind Program in New York City, but they have found their way to the world’s first electronic-sniffing dog squad, which will soon see five more dogs being trained for the job.

Selma can identify chemicals in electronic devices including cameras, USB devices and laptops, along with identifying devices allegedly containing child porn. Thoreau on the other hand can sniff out everything from concrete blocks to clothing.

Via: AOL