3,000 people wear LED suits, run, dance, and cycle to create stunning...

3,000 people wear LED suits, run, dance, and cycle to create stunning light paintings

stunning light paintings

The new trailer of NVA’s short film, Ghost Peloton, is a an amazing piece of LED light painting art . It looks like special effect laser light show, but it actually used about 3,000 runners and cyclists who wore special LED embedded suits for the shoot.

stunning light paintings 3

These special dresses can change color, flash-rate and luminosity. The clips are directed by independent filmmaker Mark Huskisson and he has captured the rhythm and movements of running, waking, dancing and cycling in a meticulous way to create an ultimate art show.

stunning light paintings 5

The work evolves the public art organization’s Speed of Light collaboration with Leeds-based Phoenix Dance Theater, and the national cycling advocacy charity Sustrains.

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Ghost Peloton will be showcases at SWG3 in Glasgow along with previous Light of Speed works. If you are around the venue, you can still try to grab a ticket of the show.

stunning light paintings 2

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Via: The Creators Project