Norway’s artistically redesigned new banknotes

Norway’s artistically redesigned new banknotes

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Norway is set to release new, redesigned currency notes by 2017. The new designs are quite fascinating and colorful like work of art. The banknote of 50 Kroner, 200, 500, and 1000 include designs from popular architectural firms, Snohetta and graphic design company The Metric System.

The front of the note will feature Snohetta graphic, while the back side will feature graphics proposed by Oslo studio The Metric System. Norway bank had held contest, for which it invited many other designers to submit their designs and graphics, and received many entries. Snohetta’s theme for the designs was ‘The Beauty of Boundaries’. It celebrates landmarks along Norway’s vast coastline. The design is pixellated, which resulted in the creation of patterns of colored blocks in various shades including red, green, blue, orange etc.

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The beauty of boundaries is about the transition between sea and land, where something meaningful and interesting happens,

said Snøhetta.

On the other hand, The Metric System illustrated traditional and contemporary sailing vessels, seascapes and marine life. Norges Bank is also working to tighten up the security features in the currency notes. The notes will be machine-readable and effective measure to prevent counterfeiting will be incorporated. These banknotes are quite artistic along with preservation of traditional impressions without missing the modern elements.

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Via: New York Times