The Raw Beauty Project NYC: 20 women with disabilities pose for camera

The Raw Beauty Project NYC: 20 women with disabilities pose for camera

Raw Beauty Project

How do you see girls, who otherwise are pretty, but are suffering with some sort of physical disabilities? ‘Raw Beauty Project NYC’, organized by and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, is set to change this perception. Wendy Crawford was a model who was paralyzed at the age of 19-years after a drunk driver hit her. She were then bound to a wheel-chair.

However, now, she has again come out to face the camera and pose for the encouragement of those who are living an underground life, devoid of self-esteem, and considering their life to be a total waste. Crawford is the founder of and is one of the 20 disabled women who were photographed for The Raw Beauty Project NYC.

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These selected 20 disabled models are depicted in a glamorous way. The idea is to convey an encouraging message to others facing similar fate.

Regarding the project, Crawford explains:

When you have a devastating injury or disability, you’re not often thought of as sensual or pretty because you don’t look like the women in the magazines. We want to challenge that unrealistic standard and say that beauty is in confidence, strength and uniqueness and that it can come in every shape, color, size and age.

Take a look at some of these pretty ladies in photographs. They might change the way we look at disabled women.

Via: NYDailynews

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