Realistic doll that pours drinks when you squeeze its boobs

    japanese latex doll

    How about a busty babe, which is actually a realistic looking robot, roaming around in a party and pours drinks for you when you squeeze her breasts?

    Japanese are obsessed with the desire of creating realistic robots, and a number of such robots had already made appearances at various shows around the world. Recently, a social android was in news from Japan for it is meant to assist elderly and could speak Japanese and communicate through sign language.

    However, there is one more thing that the realistic looking robots would change- the perspective with which we view sex or male and female bodies. It’s not exactly a robot, but just a doll with naked breasts. Still, anyone could see coming realistic robots in existence on the same theme.

    Some would call it ridiculous, other would take a jab at it, but it’s a weirdly cool product. At least, naked women won’t be that much curiosity for men when they could quench their thirst with such a realistic feel and that too without a fear of offending anyone. You can buy one for $5,000 if you are looking to rejoice your parties.