A fetish model with stunnign 16-inch waist for real

A fetish model with stunnign 16-inch waist for real

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An hour glass figure was always and is a dream come true for any female, and when she happens to be a fetish model, then it’s becomes an obsession. How about 16-inch waist? That’s right. Comic and animated characters like Jessica Rabbit and Marvel super-heroin ‘Storm’ were the only on to have such perfect shape. However, Kelly Lee Dekay, 27-year-old blue-haired woman from New York has achieved this dream come true 14-inch waist. It took seven years of waist training in which she regularly wore a laced metal corset everyday.

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“Growing up I just loved the exaggeration of styles and the beautiful costumes that comic book characters would wear and that led to the aesthetic that led to tight-lacing. I like that they wore their personalities externally.I understand their measurements can’t ever possibly be achieved because they would break but I think it’s interesting how fabric and thread can just easily manipulate the body to do such an extreme silhouette”, said Kelly.

Not everybody is amazed at this magical body sculpting work and is calling it weird, unnatural process to put the body to such extreme experimentation. A huge number of commentators on various blogs are simply calling her an idiot.

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But for the Kelly, as she puts it, she did it for herself, not for the people. The point is that she has achieved something deemed impossible. It wasn’t a common inspiration, but like an obsession, which she developed after watching her favorite comic characters Jessica Rabbit and ‘Storm’. She is all praise for how these characters wore their personalities externally. Moreover, Jessica had a deep complex regarding her tomboy looks as a child.

Here is what she said about Batman:

“I liked that Batman is actually Bruce Wayne but when he puts on the batsuit it allows him to become this vigilante. He was the same person but the different outfit allowed him to channel a different side of himself.”

It was a hell of a task to wear a metal corset everyday and compromise with a lot of routine activities. Even going upstairs is tough when this corset is around your waist. A lot of body movements has to be sacrificed to achieve such a an aim.

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Via: Mirror/Dailystar