NOVA – Freedom from time consuming, multiple Airports checkpoints

NOVA – Freedom from time consuming, multiple Airports checkpoints

Nova conept design

The troubles that complexities of the urban world pose to human kind are being taken care of by creative inventors and designers one by one. Multitude of security and passenger checkpoint at Airports is a very grieve issue considering the value of time. One third of total travel time is spent at Airport for a person while traveling. It can’t be ignored anymore.

These repetitive checkpoints could make passengers wait in long queues for hours. Even the very sound of it is enough create a lot distress. Not only that, but it cost a lot of money to the Govt. as well.

Nova 4

Therefore, designer Andrew Flynn, who has completed his five years of Product Design Engineering, developed a solution for this tedious trouble at Airports. He calls it Nova – a wearable device, similar to watch that stores the identity and travel details of a passenger. The validity of data remains until the plane has taken off. That means passengers don’t have to wait, they’ll have to wear the device and can pass through multiple checkpoints.

Nova 3

The sensor detects the pulse of the user and update on the status of the device like exactly when it was worn by the passenger and the time when it’s taken off.


Nova could be best utilized at Airports to track passengers through terminals. The passengers could also received updates from the airline directly on this device. It could save a lot of time for passengers and for the Airport authorities. The saved time would lead to better scheduling as well.