Ocean Atlas – World’s largest underwater sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor

Ocean Atlas – World’s largest underwater sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor

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Probably, you would recall the name of largest sculpture established on land, but might need an introduction to the one that lies underwater. That would be ‘Ocean Atlas’ by Jason deCaires Taylor, who is an artist and conservationist.

His piece of art isn’t just a statute, rather, it has a great purpose down there – to create an artificial coral reef to help preserving marine life along with diverting tourists and divers from nearby natural reefs off the coast of Bahamas. A great deal of stress would be cut to half by giving this sweet lollypop to tourists. That’s really thoughtful of the artist.

Largest Underwater Sculpture

Atlas sculpture equals a 2-story building in height and stand tall at 18 feet (5.5 meters) and weighs 60 tones. The sculpture depicts a Bahamian girl holding the weight of the ocean on her shoulder. The character is inspired from Greek myth of the Titan Atlas, who was punished with the task of carrying celestial spheres on his shoulders.

“I really wanted my work to be functional at the conservational level. I realized I could make an artificial reef with these sculptures and they would have a different life,” he said, referring to coral creatures that can colonize the sculpture”, said Taylor.

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Taylor is already popular for hundreds of other underwater sculpture he has installed around the world, but ‘Atlas’ is the biggest one. It was built in separate pieces which were later lifted on by one by one into the water and assembled. The sculpture is created to face high pH concentrated salt-water, therefore, a high-density, pH neutral marine cement was used. The sculpture would easily stand underwater for hundreds of years.

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‘Ocean Atlas’ is commissioned by the Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation as a part of an ongoing, environmentally friendly underwater sculpture garden. It also honors its founder Sir Nicholas Nuttall. This underwater garden project included works from other artists as well. Some the names include local artists Willicey Tynes, Andret John, and Reefball.

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