Ready for Bikini Car Wash at Baywash?

Ready for Bikini Car Wash at Baywash?

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Steve McMahon, a guy from Orlando, Florida, had started Baywash Bikini Car Wash five years ago as a fundraiser for a school for autistic children, which his daughter attends too. Of course, sexy ladies in bikini (only bikini), trained on various aspects of a carwash like leather maintenance, how to dry windows with minimal streaking, wax coating and proper detailing methods couldn’t be a flop show. The business is shining more and more as time passes by.

Now, Steve has dedicated team of six young ladies to look after the cars. According to Steve:

“It started as a fundraiser for my daughter’s school and it just evolved from there. Now we have a lot of high-end cars coming through – we’ve done Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys – we get a lot of nice cars here.”

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Steve offers a quick wash for $10, in which the car would be hand washed and dried. For a detailing wax package, the cost goes higher at $60.

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Obviously, some characters in the society call this car wash sexist, but that doesn’t bother Steve or any of the employee working with him. The employed girls look at it as a job that includes a hard labor. There has been an incident where a female police officer had captured a photo showing a sheriffs getting their cars washed, soon after which, they had received an email from the captain saying ‘no more Baywash’.

Anyway, Steve is looking to expand his business throughout the region and has even elected some spots to start with the expansion. What do you think? Is Baywash a sexist service? We guess, what’s the big deal if a customer could grab some eye candy while their cars get a wash?

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Via: Huffingtonpost