World Toilet Day – Women with their toliets in pictures

World Toilet Day – Women with their toliets in pictures

Kasarani Academy in Naivasha.

Celebrating days to mark some relevant events or to bring the attention of the masses to a particular issue is a popular way to create awareness. Similarly, Nov 19 is celebrated as World Toilet Day. You might laugh at it if you never knew about a huge portion of population that lacks proper toilet facility worldwide, especially in less developed countries. They crave for a proper toilet and many others wish for a just a toilet.

To mark the day, a photographer from Panos Pictures has been working to depict the need for proper toilet facilities and troubles women face due to the unavailability of the toilets – no privacy, no comfort, poor sanitation, and long wait in queues to use public toilets. The photographer is working with Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) to produce an exhibition that documents women and girls with their toilets, showing the effect this has on their lives.

Take a look at the photographs of women clicked with their toilets from around the world. The day holds a great value for countries like India, Bangladesh etc. These nations are struggling to keep nation clean and provide privacy and security to its women.

Rene, an artist, with her open space toilet in Australia

Rene, an artist, with her open space toilet in Australia

Sukurbanu, 65, in Rupanagar Slum in Dhaka with one of the hanging toilets


Isabela,33, in a penthouse in Rio de janerio feel lucky to have a private, comfortable toilet

World Toilet Day Isabela, 33,

Fabiola, 69, lives in Cumbaya, a valley near Quito, who once shares her toilet with 20 people, now has five toilets at her home

World Toilet Day Fabiola, 69,

Meseret lives in Addis Ababa and uses side yard for a toilet with her two children, two sisters and mother.

World Toilet Day Meseret

Ima, 47, is a toilet attendant in Kumasi. She uses public toilet during day and plastic bags during night.

World Toilet Day Ima, 47,

Martine, 27, lives near a river in Cayimithe. She has no choice but to use an open whole in the ground as a toilet. To ensure privacy and security, she uses it at night only.

World Toilet Day Martine is 27

Sangita, 35, lives in Delhi city. During her life in a village, she used to go into open spaces on nature’s call, but had resolute to have a toilet at her home in Delhi.

Sangita, 35,

Eiko, 61, lives in Tokyo. She comes to a department store where toilets are called switch room. The features surround-sound music, heated seats, and offer charging ports for gadgets too.

Eiko, 61, lives in Tokyo

Eunice is the co-founder of Kasarani Academy in Naivasha. She is building tiny toilets for kids, so that adults could not use them. It’ll encourage students to use proper toilet and not to go in open spaces.

Kasarani Academy in Naivasha.

Pana, 49, lives in countryside in Buzescu where there is no running water or sewage supplied by municipality. She has a toilet, but rarely uses it.

Pana, 49,

Nombini stands with her two porta-potties in Khayelitsha. She used to go into bushes on the roadsides, which was very unsafe for her. Now, she has porta-potties, but wish she had flush toilet rather.


May, a writer, lives in the New York City with two housmates. She was using a public toilet in Beijing as there was no toilet in her apartment, but now she has her own toilet.

Mary 2

Susan, 46, with her toilet in Zambia

Susan, 46