‘TomTato’ plant grows tomatoes above, potatoes below at the same time

‘TomTato’ plant grows tomatoes above, potatoes below at the same time


There is nothing that human kind wish to sacrifice for another. Every possible effort is being made to convert things into multi-purpose products. The plants aren’t commodities or chemicals, but they have never been away from experimentations, some of which are weird at times.

A UK horticulture company Thompson and Morgan claims to have developed ‘TomTato – a plant with a capability to grow tomatoes on the upper part of the plant and potatoes below the ground at the same time. That picture about isn’t a fake.

Paul Hansord, the director of Thompson and Morgan, has been trying to graft a successful combination of plants, but the results weren’t satisfactory. Sometimes, it was the growth of the vegetables, and other times it was the taste that spoiled the experiments.

However, this time, the company is glad to have sustained the taste of both the crops. In Paul’s own words:

“It has been very difficult to achieve because the tomato stem and the potato stem have to be the same thickness for the graft to work. It is a very highly skilled operation. We have seen similar products. However, on closer inspection the potato is planted in a pot with a tomato planted in the same pot – our plant is one plant and produces no potato foliage.”

Isn’t it incredible that farmers could utilize available space to produce two crops at the same time. The plant lasts for one season and by the time the tomatoes are ready for picking, so are the potatoes. You can buy a “beg plot in a pot” for $24 per 3.5 inch plant.

Via: DailyOffbeat