Lovely, little story of Swedish trekkers and a stray dog

Lovely, little story of Swedish trekkers and a stray dog

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Towards the last stage of 450-miles adventure race for Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador, Mikael Lindnord and his team found a companion – a stray dog. This stray dog, which Mikael has named Arthor, completed last 20-miles of a muddy trek through the Amazon rainforest.

It started with a piece of bread which Mikael spared for the dog and afterwards the dog just didn’t leave them. It followed them for 20-miles before the team decided to not board him for 36-mile kayaking route as it wasn’t advisable for safety reason.

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However, the dog jumped in the river and started swimming. He won’t just leave them. So, the team picked him up from the water into the kayak and the journey went on. People standing on the banks were all applaud watching this gesture.


They shared whatever they had during their breaks.

“You can’t reject a dog that had put in so much energy into you. It felt like he was one of the team members, and we didn’t want to let him down. It was not easy [kayaking with Arthur]. He was shivering. We were also shivering, of course, but I had my Gore-tex jacket — so I put my Gore-tex jacket over him,”
Lindnord says.

As a happy ending to this story, the team has adopted Arthur. They took him to vet before leaving for South America. Now, Lindnord and Arthur are together back there in Sweden. Wasn’t that a lovely story? Well, dogs are loyal friends, perhaps, the only animals that’ll love you more than itself.

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Via: PRI