Special effects in making: Before and after

Special effects in making: Before and after

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Science-fiction, mythological and films based on epic events in the history are all made majestic and realistic by special-effect teams toiling behind the scenes. You would wonder how the boy and the tiger managed to be together all the time in a boat, but actually it was never there.

Even in one of the final scenes of their eventual friendship, the tiger was lying in the lap of the boy. The 300 followed by The Rise of the Empire are shot in front of green screens, and so are movies like Tron: Legacy, Narnia, Godzilla, Maleficent, X-Men: Days of Future Past and so on. The list is very long.


May be, you already know about these manipulation. However, this list of making of scenes vs final scenes posted by Buzzfeed would amaze you and compel you to wonder what it takes to create a single special effect.

We are posting a couple of images here, but for more interactive depiction, check more on Buzzfeed.

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