Fujin snap-on fan removes all dust from SLR in one minute

    fujin slr cleaning fan 2

    To have a complete lens-kit is dream come true for any obsessed photographer. The photography experience is enhanced through different lenses, but a frequent mounting and removing of lenses exposes camera to dust, pollens etc.

    That is one heck of an inevitable trouble with SLR cameras. The usual SLR cleaning kit won’t get you through connectors and internal corners of body behind a lens.

    However, the Fujin snap-on fan that sucks out dust particles from camera body. Fujin could be connected to the front of the camera like we do that with a lens.

    First it blows air into the camera after passing it through a special filter first. That’s for dusting everything. Then the built-in fan would suck out this air back and with it comes trapped debris. Same goes for pollen, mold, and mites, which usually find their way into a camera after long exposure to open air.

    fujin slr cleaning fan 3

    It runs on 4 AAA batteries and takes only one minute to complete the cleaning. It’s extremely light weighed at just 165 grams with batteries. The claimed battery life is 180 cycles before asking for a new set of batteries.

    fujin slr cleaning fan

    This fan is compatible with Cannon EF mount SLRs including a list of other models. This list is displayed on IPP’s website. Presently, the Fujin is available for $65.70 on one of the stores, and the price, more or less, is likely to linger around this figure.