“Light is Time” – Shimmering installation made from 65,000 watch-base plates

“Light is Time” – Shimmering installation made from 65,000 watch-base plates

LIGHT is TIME installation 6

An impressive installation “Light is Time” had made an appearance at Milan Design Week 2014. Japanese watch-maker CITIZEN and DGT, a Paris-based architectural office, had created it as a team effort. The installation deserves a mention for it appears to be frozen moment of shower of shimmering rain-droplets from infinite dark sky. You know, the concept of time is in itself a mystery. We don’t realize it, but consider if we could manipulate time. Time travel is one of the greatest fantasy world knows of.

So, we could see the relation here. However, an obsessed watchmaker can’t help bring clock into the scene. The installation is actually made of 65,000 watch-base plates. Recently, the installation was showcased at SPIRAL in Tokyo on November 28 this year.

LIGHT is TIME installation 5

The same installation had used 80,000 base plates as compared to the present one.

Go through what architects explained about Light is Time:

“Light was born at the instant of the Big Bang, the universe’s beginning. From beyond the horizon, the rising Sun slowly covers the Earth in light, shadows transform into different shapes, the seasons transit colours in nature and the waxing and waning of the Moon changes. When humanity noticed these things, we unknowingly created the concept of time. In the 20th century mankind digitized time, measured it and continued to economize our time, until eventually we forgot about its relationship with essence of light. Without light we never would have had the wonders of the universe, the richness of our planet or the joy and pleasure of our life. “

Well folks, it’s worth a walk, and for photographers, it’s a feast.

LIGHT is TIME installation 2

LIGHT is TIME installation 3

LIGHT is TIME installation 4

LIGHT is TIME installation

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