‘Mothership Space Net Penthouse’ rocks Moab adventure sports gathering

‘Mothership Space Net Penthouse’ rocks Moab adventure sports gathering

“Mothership Space Net Penthouse”

The Fall season in Moab desert every year witnesses two kind of adventure passionate, those who love to jump from high places, Base jumpers and second are those who love to walk on thin ropes, highliners. They come from all around the world to find food for their hunger for adventure. Turkey Base Boogie and B.C.B.Y. highline gathering is one of the much awaited events for adventure lovers.

However, this time, the event greeted two groups with a new surprise facility – the ‘Mothership Space Net Penthouse’. It’s a pentagon shaped hammock, suspended 400 meter above rocky desert floor.

“Mothership Space Net Penthouse” 5

Highliners were walking on different legs of the hammcock, BASE jumpers eloped down through a hole in the centre, it was scene worth a watch. These legs measured upto 62 meters in length. Both groups shared a common space and got a chance to observe each other more closely.

“Mothership Space Net Penthouse” 3

Neither it was a simple task to have installed such a marvelous net over a canyon nor it was cheap. In the words of its creator, Andy Lewis:

“Among the final rigging team there was more than 50 people who helped set up the pentagon in space, which allowed for more than 200 people to experience the comfort of true net chilling glory, to the 10 people who helped build the nets second layer, to the MANY slackers who helped maintain the rig while I was gone..”

The pentagon hammock was completely safe and it entertained the gathering for three days without any mishap. It was claimed to be the most unique feature at the event.

“Mothership Space Net Penthouse” 7

“Mothership Space Net Penthouse” 4

“Mothership Space Net Penthouse” 2

“Mothership Space Net Penthouse” 6

Via: Slackline Media