Chow Chow dog – Hungarian photographer’s adorable, cheeky muse

Chow Chow dog – Hungarian photographer’s adorable, cheeky muse

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Have you seen a Chow Chow pet dog? You can’t help touching this chubby, cheeky fellow once you see it. A Hungarian photographer, Tom Klausz, has been regularly clicking his four-and-half—year-old Chow Chow pet, Brumi. According to Tom, dog’s photogenic features compelled him to do so. Tom loves the Chow Chow and had one earlier to Brumi. He loves to click Brumi against various backgrounds.

Though, he says that the photographs are expressive, with that face without visible eyes, Brumi looks monotonous in dry pictures, at least, until you could play with it or already had that experience.

Chow Chow dog

The owner tried hard to express how it feels to be with his pet, pictures aren’t enough. It seems like only background is the only change in every photo. But at the same time, it’s our perception of what we saw in photographs.

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The one who gets to play with this adorable fellow could actually taste it. In Tom’s own words:

“He is very likable and affectionate. Like all dogs, Brumi is also an individual with his own personality. He is rather stubborn, having the ability to pout like a child. Brumi has mood swings at times. He is very smart and cheeky, he’s a faithful and excellent watchdog. His fur is very clean, like a cat. Little Brumi immediately ran up to us, grunting and making very cute noises,” he said. “We went to pick a dog, but it was Brumi who chose us. I hope that people can see and feel through my photos the devoted loyalty and unconditional love a dog can bring.”


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