Best of Stik’s artistic treasure

Best of Stik’s artistic treasure

Stik’s street art 8

Stik, a London based graffiti artist, wandered on roads for several years as he had no home to go. Now, his stick-figures are known to the world. The white emulsion found on the streets was his only source to draw his childlike, but emotionally complicated figures on streets and walls of London.

Most popular would be ‘Big Mother’ on Charles Hocking House in Acton, a condemned Sixties council block. It has been dubbed as the tallest mural in UK. He built it to create awareness on the lack of affordable, low-income apartments in London.

Stik’s street art

His art has won many fans for him like sir Elton John, Bono and Brian May. These fans paid thousands for his works and helped him find a home for himself. His works are simple, but are creative.

Stik’s street art3

Its better we show you some of his best works, so as to justify our appreciation for this artist.

Stik’s street art 12

Stik’s street art 11

Stik’s street art 7

Stik’s street art 6

Stik’s street art 5

Stik’s street art 2

Stik’s street art 4

Stik’s street art 9

Stik’s street art 10

Via: GQ Magazine