First ever 4D dress – Fashion redefined in 48 hours for £1,900

First ever 4D dress – Fashion redefined in 48 hours for £1,900

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Creators Nervous System, a company based in Massachusetts in USA, has created an altogether unique 3D printed dress, which it calls 4D. Perhaps, the fashion is going to be redefined very soon with such concepts of fabrication and designs catching pace faster than predicted. Well, it owes a lot to new technologies like body scanning and, of course, 3D printing, which allows to created even very complex designs.

The dress is made of 2,279 printed panels interconnected by 3,316 hinges. The dress could be folded into nothing and it could fit according to the body shape. That’ll be a boon for any women looking for a dress that adapts to size in order to fit.

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The present dress was created after a hard-work of 48 hours, and it cost £1, 900 to complete it. The dress is printed using Selective Laser Sintering process. In this process, a laser fuse together nylon power and leaves unmelted powder in between all of the gap spaces.

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4D dress

Via: DailyMail