Antoine – A heavenly cabin in boulders of Alps

Antoine – A heavenly cabin in boulders of Alps

Antoine’ mountain cabin 2

Human kind would soon experience a burn-out in modernized, urban world, and artificial things would sound gloomy. We couldn’t understand that nothing, so far, is capable enough of replacing nature, but still we are keen to create artificial components of nature.

Anyhow, here, we are talking about the Swiss tradition of observing the Alps and a designer’s adorable idea to live with them, hiding inside them”.

Antoine’ mountain cabin 6

‘Antoine’ is the way out if you wonder how. It’s a mountain cabin in the shape of a boulder. It’s tough spot it as a cabin if camouflage is suitable. It merges with the surrounding rock fall field. The grey concrete exterior hides a peaceful heaven located on an isolated place on Alps. The interior is cozy and features wooden walls, a fireplace, a bed, a table, a stool and window with almost every basic amenities.

Antoine’ mountain cabin 4

This cabin is of its kind, for sure. It was built in a nearby village by a Geneva-based studio Bureau A and is designed to be an alpine shelter. This much space and facilities are luxury on Alps.

Well, we are amused with the very thought of a snowfall outside while I enjoy the warmth of a fireplace in this cozy mountain house.

Antoine’ mountain cabin

Antoine’ mountain cabin 5

Antoine’ mountain cabin 3

Via: A-Bureau