World’s bendiest woman’s jaw-dropping contorting positions in pictures

World’s bendiest woman’s jaw-dropping contorting positions in pictures

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The world knows her as Zlata, but her real name is Julia Guenthel. More than the name, it’s her unique skill that makes her an amazing person on this planet – extreme physical flexibility.

Zlata is a 28-year-old former gymnast, who presently settled in Germany. The way she contorts to complete almost impossible postures for a human body is what makes her the most bendiest woman.

Julia Guenthel 2

Here new calendar for 2015 features some of her best efforts. She appears in differing, complex postures wearing a skin-tight gold jumpsuit. On the top of it, she is beautiful. So, you shouldn’t miss these pictures or you’ll miss an opportunity to peep beyond what are considered limits for a human body.

She has smashed a number of world records for contorting in jaw-dropping positions. However, it wasn’t so easy. She started practicing at an age of four and still continue with a tough practice sessions to maintain this flexibility. It’ll be useless to waste words expressing what she could do, therefore, we suggest you better go through the images, and let your amazement find manifestation in expressions and words.

Julia Guenthel

Julia Guenthel 5

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Bendy-woman-Zlata 5

Bendy-woman-Zlata 4

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