Viral ‘ultrasound reaction mother’ gives birth to quadruplets

    viral ultrasound mother

    Earlier this year, a Utah couple shared their story of struggle with infertility for eight years, and thereafter, the couple attempted in-vitro fertilization. Amazingly, in the very first attempt Ashley Gardener conceived Quadruplets.

    Thereafter, the web was buzzing wit viral reaction to a video which showed woman’s expression of seeing her ultrasound.

    Now, the mother has deliver four healthy babies this Sunday. The babies are doing fine according to the couple. A post on the Facebook page of the couple, A Miracle Unfolding-Gardner Quadruplets, said, “All 4 babies are doing GREAT!” The post states that “Indie” is the smallest of the children at just under 2 pounds and that the other three weigh more than 2 pounds.”

    viral mother

    The couple has been sharing their story from beginning to this miracle on FB. In November the couple had posted an video in which the shared the planned names for their four babies – Indie Mae, Esme Jane, Scarlett Elizabeth, and Evangeline Faith.

    The couple is joyous and thankful to God and everyone who supported them during their journey. God bless them.