So, what is it about that viral Christmas tree photo?

    BOISE christmas tree

    Did you come across that photo showing a Christmas tree breaking through roof of the house? It’s in Boise that you’ll find this tree, and it has created a lot of noise on web after a photo of it went viral.

    It’s a 16-feet high Christmas tree, perhaps, the best one you’ll come across in year 2014. Wayne Richey, the man responsible for it, made Christmas Eve very special for those who saw his Christmas tree.

    Richey talks about the response he received from people when he snapped a photo and posted it online. He said:
    “The first week we had 450,000 views, 500 comments and it’s just exploded, since then.”

    The Christmas tree is adorned with 1400 lights, and the view from outside the window of the house.

    You know Facebook pages like Larry the Cable Guy and George Takei re-posted the photo, so you can get an idea how popular this tree has become. It has got over 4 million view on web.

    Now, an important question that each one of you would like to get answered is that whether this guy has really vandalized his house or it’s a Photoshop or some illusion.

    Well, you can call it kind of illusion because Richey created cut the tree into two parts, one was placed below roof and the other was placed on the roof attached to a plywood piece. It’s not the first time Richey has done it. He is doing it since eighties.

    Next time, try to be a bit creative while planning for your Christmas tree.

    Via: 9News