Seven mind-blowing Lego creations you’ll be lucky to come across

Seven mind-blowing Lego creations you’ll be lucky to come across

Take a look at some of the most incredible Lego creations that you'll ever came across.

Lego Guitar

Lego bricks are familiar to almost everyone. The best part of these toy creating bricks is that it lets your imagination fly anywhere it can stumble. It lets you create almost everything for the sake of amusement. Although, sometimes Lego bricks are forgotten when we enter in adulthood and get with our daily chores. But still there are some geeks and artists who love to create things with Lego bricks. Some of them have created working, life-size replicas of cars to guitars. Take a look at some of the most incredible Lego creations that you’ll ever came across.

Lego Wall-E’ Robot

Lego Wall-E


Disney’s Wall-E is one of its most adorable animated creations. A geek build a complex Lego replica with functional, programmed, and include motors for movement. It has Lego NXT Mindstorms Robotic System as its brain, is fully automated and is programmed using Labview’s NXT-G software. It simply looks amazing with other minute details.

Lego Polaroid Camera

Lego camera


Lego artist Chris McVeigh paid a unique tribute to Polaroid camera with Lego bricks, and it does look realistic in depiction. This one won’t click photographs, but would appeal as a piece of meticulous Lego work.


Lego Blackberry Tour 9360

Lego blackberry

Nathan Sawaya created this amazing five-foot Lego replica of Blackberry Tour 9360 with an integrated TV screen. It measures 62”x37”x8”. It’s not just a Lego dummy. The screen is functional and it gives this creation an interactive appeal.


Lego Helicopter


Based on Erickson S-64-Air-Crane Helicopter, Lego artist Ryan McNaught created this piece of Lego to display at an event. It took him one moth to assemble 100,000 bricks into a 4 x1 meter helicopter. The engine parts are also given extreme detailing so that it gives an awesome appeal to the artwork.

Lego Gokart

Lego go kart

Here, we have a big Lego replica of GoKart or a car that can actually carry an adult kid. The tires, front, real everything has received extensive details. The tires can be steered and it has got LED headlights too.


Lego Tower

lego tower

Installed in the large Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo in 2011, it was the tallest known Lego structure constructed with 500,000 bricks. It measured 31.2 meters and a crane was used to assemble it. However, the record was broken in 2013 by a 114 feet Lego tower created in Budapest.


Lego Guitar

Lego Guitar

This Lego Guitar is real and functional, and it’s made of a very familiar thing – Lego bricks. It’ll be ready for jam out after receiving real strings which is amazing. Otherwise, every part of it is functional. It’ll require care for it as it is quite delicate. Otherwise, it’s a charming creation.