Top five badass bodybuilders over 60 prove it’s never too late to...

Top five badass bodybuilders over 60 prove it’s never too late to work out


Fitness is not a prerogative of the young. And same is the case with body building. There have been many examples in history, where iron pumping seniors have had physiques that men half their age would only dream of. While there are numerous bodybuilders who started of late in life or some who have been pumping iron all their lives (quite literally). Here we will settle with the top five badass bodybuilders over 60 who certainly prove it’s never too late to work out.

Dr Jeffrey Life

Dr Jeffery  Life

His face looks like that of an aged 70-year-old (only since there is no weight to stiffen the sagging skin) and from neck-down, Dr Jeffrey Life has a physique that each young weight pumping enthusiast would envy. Although, most of the body cannot be termed natural – Dr Life is highly dependent on hormonal modifications (but there’s a reason for this too).

It was as late as 60, when Life decided to look fit and started taking fitness and weight lifting seriously. He was overweight and borderline diabetic until then. After only 3 months of serious workout, Life has lost 25 pounds and had managed good shape. This however didn’t last long. In next 4 odd years, owning to a disease called andropause, which involves steady decline of testosterone levels, Life’s body couldn’t hold muscle mass and began to shrink. To ensure he gets back the fine pumped up body, Life has been taking regular dose of testosterone and growth hormones for the last 9 odd years now. It’s worth mentioning that Life still follows a strict exercise routine, hitting guy six days a week and he takes very specific diet.

Sam ‘Sonny’ Bryant

Sam Sonny Bryant

For someone who age is only a number and just a state of mind, bodybuilding is a craze. His name is Sam Bryant “Sonny” and by simply looking at him you will never be able to guess his age. Sonny, who has been lifting weights for the last 27 years, is 71 years-old and as strong in the mind as his biceps. Sonny hits the gym twice a day and takes only vitamin pills (no supplements) jealous now?

At 70, Sonny, a champion bodybuilder from Georgia has won more titles and trophies than he can even count now. And still the veteran has no plans of hanging up his boots. In fact he has this to say about retirement:

People ask me when I’m going to retire,’ he says. ‘I say “never”. More people die retired than people do working. I love to work, I love to work out. I’ve been doing this for 27 years.

Sonny started off pumping iron at 44, when he was going through a bad phase in his married life. Now an bodybuilding addict, at 71 Sonny can deadlift 425lbs effortlessly.


Robert bodybuilder

The inspirational grandfather Robert was encouraged to hit the gym by fitness channel Barstarzz. He was 55 when Robert first hit the gym and now at age 66, he says he feels fitter than he did at 18. And if you’re surprised, look at his physique.

Tsutomu Tosuka

Tsutomu Tosuka

When a person reaches 80-years, he is more than content to sit back and reflect on the years that he has spent. But this isn’t the case with Japanese weightlifter Tsutomu Tosuka who has been building his body better than before, even though he has reached the age of 80 years.

Tosuka proves that age is only a number and not a proof of how old you are. At age 74 Tosuka was crowned champion in the senior category of the Japan Masters Bodybuilding Championships.

Tosuka is believed to have begun lifting weights when he had turned 40.

Andreas Cahling aka CrazyDrummer

Andreas Cahling aka CrazyDrummer

His physique is as good as it gets. But this bodybuilder is no ordinary iron pumper – he was 60-years-old and called himself CrazyDrummer, when he first posted his astonishing photograph with bulging biceps, chest and ripped abs on Reddit in 2013. Now almost 62, Andreas Cahling is as regular with the gym, working harder to tone his impressive body.