Five weirdest cats that became internet sensation

Five weirdest cats that became internet sensation

Cats are the celebrities on the internet, especially on social media. Reason why people are so hysterical about cats remains a mystery. However, some cats have gained enormous popularity online for their weird expressions or looks. Their appearances arise either due to genetic reason, rare conditions, or abnormal physical growth. Here is a collection of five weirdest looking cats that have taken the internet world by storm.

Matilda: The alien cat 


Matilda became popular on the internet for her alien like looks due to large, glassy eyes. She crossed 33,000 followers’ mark on Instagram in June and still continues to receive more. She might be amusing, but behind her unique looks lies a disheartening story. She is suffering from spontaneous lens luxation – a condition in which the eye lens completely dislocates from its normal location. It’s a genetic disorder with no cure. The condition worsened and finally left Matilda blind. However, she is lucky to have unknown caretakers who have consulted almost every vet and specialist in their locality. They have created Matilda’s official website and a fundraising page ‘GoFundMe’ to help cure the little kitty.

Garfi: The angriest cat
Garfi – The angriest cat

Grumpy cat has a competition called Garfi. It’s an orange Persian male cat from Turkey with menacing expressions. Her story of becoming the internet sensation began with a Flicker album created by his owner Hulya Ozkok, which received over 50,000 views. The album has lot of pictures of Garfi wearing outfits, study glasses. etc. Garfi’s images went viral immediately after publishing.

Snoopybabe: One of the cutest flat-faced cats

Snoopybabe – One of the cutest flat-faced cats

You look into Snoopybabe’s eyes only to be left overwhelmed with innocence. Miss Ning, her owner, posted her pictures on the internet to show it to her friends, and received great response to surprise. Presently, she has 275,000 followers on Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) and 190,000 fans on Instagram. Her eyes are full of innocence and never ending sorrow, quite opposite to the Grumpy. You can find more images on Snoopy’s Facebook page.

Two-faced Jenus cat Frank and Louie

Two-faced Jenus cat Frank and Louie

Frank and Louie have been entered into Guinness World Record for being oldest Janus cat named after two faced Roman god Frank and Louie. He had two functioning eyes with additional blind eye in the centre, he had two noses, two mouths, but just one brain. Usually, Janus cats do not live for long, and die within few days or months of birth. But, Frank and Louie lived for 15 years before he was euthanized in 2014 at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. He suffered from what doctors call ‘really bad’ cancer.

Loki: The vampire cat

vampire cat loki

Kaetlyn Koch, from Portland, Maine, had adopted Loki, Siamese-mix cat from a shelter despite the fact that she didn’t like cats much. Moreover, Loki’s appearance was sort of perturbed. The staff at the shelter failed to find a logical reason behind Loki’s fangs and eyelids that never close. Her eyes remain even when she is fast asleep. Her pictures depict a horrifying feline, but in reality Loki is one of the most affectionate, playful kitties who likes to play hide-and-seek under bath towels and asks for a rub on her back while staring at you with her innocent eyes. She has over 50,000 followers on Instagram and has become the latest internet sensation. Cause of her appearance still remains a mystery, but it is an odd privilege that is fetching her a huge popularity online.