Extreme weight loss success tales of six obese people

Extreme weight loss success tales of six obese people

Obesity has become an issue of national healthcare crisis in countries like United States, China, India, etc. Britain is struggling to control child obesity. Britain also accepts that obesity has become the biggest public health challenge of their times. Dependence of junk food, unhealthy diets, laziness, and no outdoor or physical activities serve as main reasons. In other cases, abnormal immune system or hereditary problems have come into light. The dangers of obesity are far more dangerous than just inability to walk or loss of self-esteem.

For those who are fighting with obesity, we have six extraordinary cases of excess weight loss. Take a look what motivated them to commit to the task of losing excess weight, and how they made a come back to normal life.

Michelle Green sheds staggering 18 stone

Michelle Green shed staggering 18 stone

Michelle Green, a 45-year-old female from Brinkley, Cambs, had gained 31 stone, and was unable to go out, fearing embarrassment. She didn’t fit in car seats, and walking up stairs had become a painful task. Gastric surgery didn’t help. However, for past five years, Michelle has shed over one-third of her weight owing to her determination to live life like a normal person. She joined Slimming World, adapted to the diet plan like refraining from oil, fast-food and fats. A 10-miles walk is part of her daily routine. Now, Michelle also runs her own weight loss group to help others fight obesity.

Magician Penn Jillette lose impressive 105 pounds

Magician Penn Jillette_1

He was trapped in a 330 pounds body. He suffered with high blood pressure that led to hospitalization. His doctor stressed on losing weight in order to avoid medical conditions. Afterwards, he committed himself to this one task – losing weight. He limited himself to 1,00 calories daily in order to lose about a pound a day. He is following a strict nutritarian, plant-based diet. He avoids processed grains, sugar, salt, and animal products. He still eats a lot, but very, very healthy food. He skips his breakfast, but never misses a big salad for lunch. For dinner, he takes three pounds on vegetable greens and three servings of rice. He has given up all desserts except those made from fruits. He does some workout on alternate days, lifts weights, juggles, and rides a tricycle for 10 miles daily. Now, he is one of the famous masters of how-did-they-do-that magic tricks.

John Gaude’s extreme weight loss from 163 kg to 93 kg

John Gaude’s extreme weigh loss from 163 kg to 93 kg
John Guade, is an internet fitness star. He shares his tips and experience on his Youtube channel ‘ObesetoBeast’. His motivating story received viral response with over 800,000 views since posted. He had gained over 163 kg weight before he could find adequate motivation to lead a journey during which he lost about 73 kg weight, leaving his skin hanging from body, which he revealed in one of his videos. He stripped to show his fans what excess weight loss could do to your body.

Elora Harre – From size 24 to 14 after losing 55 kg

Elora Harre – From size 24 to 14 after losing 55 kg
Elora Harre, a 21-year-old female from New Zealand is a weight-loss blogger, and over 20,000 readers follow her blog ‘The Shrinking Violet.’ She went from a size 24 to 14 after losing 55 kilograms. She switched to regular workout and healthy diet to lose fats on her stomach, calves, lower back, inner thighs, arms, breasts and armpits. In two years, she lost excess weight, and is left with sagging skin like John Gaude. After hospitals denied plastic surgery due to lack of resources, Elora has launched a fundraising appeal to get rid of her excess sagging skin from her body.

Jen Corn lost 150 pounds with her power walks

Jen Corn lost 150 pounds with her power walks


Jen Corn from Woodstock, Georgia suffered from obesity since her school days. As a grown up, she had reached more than 300 pounds, which was really heavy at 5 feet 6 inches of height. She was teased at school; she used to feel embarrassed as an adult, and suffered damage of self-esteem. A surgery would cost her around $15,000. So, she took the matter into her own hands. She made an attempt in 2008 with a program and diet plan in which she failed miserably. She didn’t give up and again joined the program, and tried to lose weight gradually. With a strict diet plan and power walks in addition to using her treadmill at home she succeeded in her fitness regime and lost 150 pounds.

Divaslimdown: example of extreme weight loss

divaslimdownDivaslimdown aka Ruth’s fight with obesity had begun during his childhood days. Her only emotional comfort was food. On later stages, she developed sleep apnea, pre-diabetes and experienced back pains. Weight loss surgeries, as usual, were too expensive. When she had lost all hope to be able to cope up with obesity, she received motivation after a death in her family. She started with small steps such as getting rid of sodas and increasing intake of water, and included exercise in her routine. She documented her progress through a YouTube channel. Now, she has started an online fundraiser with her plastic surgeon in order to loose excess skin on her arms, chest, abdomen and thighs.