5 weird bodybuilders who care a damn about aesthetics

5 weird bodybuilders who care a damn about aesthetics

People do crazy things to transform their bodies to look like their reel-life hero. But blokes here in discussion have gone out of the way to discover the shortest route to bulk up their physiques and become a real-life Hulk. In my opinion, these guys lack determination and perseverance required to transform body into something that everyone values and respects. Whatever be the case, we find these guys amusing and courageous at the same time, because the amount of courage with which they have transformed their bodies into an eccentric meatshop is commendable; and trust me, you need to see it to believe it.

Valdir with oversized, flexible biceps

valdir bodybuilder

Valdir appeared on Brazilian TV show ‘A Transformacao Mais Incrivel; that invited world’s most extreme bodies. His obsession for bodybuilding was fueled by jokes he used to take when he was an underweight and slim man. Now, he has got flexible, oversized biceps and heavy protruding pecs which he can move up and down. Viewers suggested that he has been injecting himself with synthol and oil used to enhance muscle appearance. Valdir himself said that he used anabolic steroids for muscle enlargement. He loves it, but he doesn’t advice anyone to follow his method.

Arlindo de Souza aka The Mountain

Arlindo de Souza

Arlindo de Souza aka The Mountain, a 43-year-old bodybuilder, is definitely in the list of men with biggest biceps. He didn’t lift weights or trained hard to achieve his gigantic physique. He injected some synthetic filler to help grow his arm muscles faster. Before moving to fillers, Arlindo used to take steroids for a while. No doubt, now he has achieved what he wanted, may be more, but not in a natural way, and, for obvious reasons, those biceps look sort of scary.

Romario Dos Santos Alves: Real life Hulk

Real life hulk

Romario Dos Santos Alves, a 25-year-old man, was obsessed with Hulk from his childhood days and wanted to look like the fictional character from Marvel series one day. He turned to muscle fillers, cocktail of oil, alcohol and painkillers to enhance his arm, collar, and chest muscles to help catalyze grow process. His biceps grew to an incredible 25 inches, however, unnatural experiments cost him his sanity and nearly his life. He was scheduled to have one of his arms been amputated after kidney dysfunction and increased toxicity in blood. He spend some time in rehab as people believed he was insane. He still regrets for what he did to his perfect body.

Big Mo: Real life Popeye with 31-inch biceps

real life popey sailor

Moustafa Ismail aka Big Mo’s bulging biceps measure more than a grown-man’s waist. This Egyptian bodybuilder can lift 500lbs. He takes 3lbs of chicken 1lb of meat or fish every day and follows a strict routine of workout session from 5 AM to 8 AM. During this session, he concentrates on cardio, strength-training and body sculpting, using heavy and light isolated weights. For over a decade, he pumped iron to build the world’s biggest biceps. His commitment towards bodybuilding was so strong that he moved to the U.S. with his whole family in order to get an access to better gym and weightlifting facilities. He seems to have stuck to the strict routine for years and avoided shortcuts like synthetic muscle fillers or oils, to build muscles.

Greg Valentino


Greg Valentino is known as the most hated man in the world of bodybuilding. He had earned worldwide fame for having the biggest biceps (27-inches) in the world and disproportionate body size. He is called the biggest freak of freaks in bodybuilding world. He was accused for the abuse of steroids and injecting synthol, and was arrested for the same by police. After spending some time in jail, when he came out his biceps still measured 25-inches. However, Valentino denied all allegations in an interview with T Nation. He blamed media for making up all those stories for sensational news. During the interview, he said that it took him 25 years of hard training to build his biceps. He himself considers it an idiotic move to balloon up one’s body with toxic oils or steroids. Well, I have my doubts, but some people still love clicking selfies with him and appreciating his biceps.