Bodies of dead climbers left on Everest that you can still see

Bodies of dead climbers left on Everest that you can still see

To summit the mighty Mount Everest is a dream of all passionate, adventure loving mountaineers. For decades, people from all around the world push the limits to achieve this dream, but not all of them make it. It’s not that all of them die, but many return halfway due to extreme exhaustion or suffocation due to lack of oxygen or furious snow storms. And those who can’t make it to the the base camp safely give in to the mighty chomolungma.

It’s a risky task to bring their bodies down, and requires special expeditions conducted by trained professionals. Therefore, their bodies still lie frozen where they were found. Climbers use them as landmarks, such as ‘Green Boots,’ to gauge their distance from the summit.

George Mallory

george mallory

Some of these bodies are identified, whereas others still lay frozen in anonymity in the same posture in which died. Some of the bodies have been pictured by other climbers. Take a look at the corpse of George Mallory, who had died due to head trauma in 1924. He is assumed to be the first person to have climbed the Everest. However, there isn’t any proof if he stepped on the summit or not, but if we take into consideration the last letter he wrote to his wife, Ruth from the camp 5, in which he mentioned about leaving his wife’s photograph on the summit that was missing when his body was found, then he was the very first on the earth to have stepped on the great mountain.

Francys Arsentiev (1998)

Francys Arsentiev

Francys Arsentiev was the first woman to summit the Mount Everest without the aid of oxygen cylinder. She died of exposure and cerebral edema in 1998 while climbing Mount Everest with her husband. She separated with her husband while descending; they tried to find each other but couldn’t. Both of them died on the mountain. Two climbers noticed Francys on their way up, but couldn’t stop to help her. Overwhelmed with guilt, they returned after nine years in 2007 and covered her body in American flag to dignify her death. They moved the body away from other climbers’ sight.

Hannelore Schmatz (1979)

Hannelore Schmatz

Hannelore Schmatz, a German climber, died in 1979 due to exposure and exhaustion. It’s believed that she leaned against her backpack to rest for a while, and died in this unusual posture.

Tsewang Paljor (1996)

Tsewang Paljor

Tsewang Paljor died during the 1996 Mount Everest disaster. He was trapped in a blizzard while descending and died due to exposure. His body is known on the Everest among those who died. It’s called ‘Green Boots.’ After watching his picture, you can well understand why it was named so. Now, his body is used as a landmark by other climbers.

Marko Lihteneker (2005)

Marko Lihteneker

Marko Lihteneker, a Slovenian climber, died in 2005 while descending the mountain. It’s claimed that he was having problem with his oxygen mask when he was last seen. His body lies 8,800 meters from the basecamp.

David Sharp (2006)

David Sharp

David Sharp, a British climber, died in 2006 while he stopped to rest near ‘Green Boots.’ He froze and couldn’t move, and eventually died. It’s believed that about 30 climbers noticed him alive but couldn’t help him.

Shriya Shah-Klorfine (2012)

Shriya Shah–Klorfine

Shriya Shah-Klorfine died in 2012 while descending. She spent 25 minutes in celebrating her summit and ran out of oxygen. Later exhaustion killed her. Her body was wrapped in Canadian flag and lies just 300 meter below the summit.

Other unknown bodies that still lie undecayed on the snowy slope

Bodies left on Everest 3

Bodies left on Everest 4

Bodies left on Everest