Five unusual wedding proposals

Five unusual wedding proposals

Finding a romantic way to ask your true love to marry you is perhaps as difficult as solving a math question. Because writing on the wall or sending a text with an animated card is too conventional. These guys also had some sort of similar dilemma that forced them to go out of the way to discover a not-so-conventional way of proposing their girl. Romance with a tinge of weirdness is the attitude of these five wedding proposals no girl could turn down.

Rich Chinese proposes his girl with fleet of luxury cars

marriage proposal by chinese

A Guangzhou-based entrepreneur planned to win the heart of his high school girlfriend, who had just joined college. He did something unusual and really expensive to hear his girl say yes to his marriage proposal. He had hired a fleet of luxury cars and arranged them in shape of heart at her college dorm. When the girl came out of her balcony and witnessed dream moment of her life, she came downstairs where her lover waited on his knees with a diamond ring. The girl couldn’t refuse the proposal.

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Techie lover develops video game based on memories of dates with his girlfriend

To propose his girlfriend Lauren, Austin developed a video game based on moments they spent together. She thought it was a testing session for a game her boyfriend had developed. Lauren had no idea that it was more than just a game. A line from the Legend o Zelda “It’s dangerous to go along. Take this” pops up towards the end of the game, followed by another message that reads, “if you couldn’t tell by this game, I’m a mediocre programmer and a horrible artists. But I’d love to be your player 2.” Austin had hidden a ring behind the computer. Of course, she did say yes.

In a movie theater with a parody of song ‘Rude’

Liam Cooper, an Australian musician, proposed his high school sweetheart in a movie theater after screening a parody of the hit song ‘Rude.’ The spoof started playing on screen while he was on a normal date with his girlfriend Amy Smith, accompanied by her sister and brother-in-law. After music video ended, a question popped up with a bottle of champagne. She said yes and the audience applauds.

Marriage proposal with 99 iPhone 6s

Not all such extravagant and unusual proposal end on happy notes. A young Chinese programmer from Guangzhou province spent roughly £50,000 to buy 99 iPhone 6s. He arranged them in the shape of heart to impress his love, and eventually propose for marriage. Crowd surrounded this man who waited for his girlfriend with a bouquet in hand. Unfortunately, 99 iPhone 6s didn’t work well to impress her. She rejected the proposal, and his video went viral on China’s social media network Weibo.

Embarrassing proposal with a Crispy Chicken Deluxe burger

Michael Joseph met his girlfriend, Annie, for the first time at McDonald’s, which was also the venue of their first date. Annie used to joke that one day Michael would propose to her using a chicken nugget box. Michael took a cue from it and actually slipped a ring inside a crispy chicken deluxe burger to propose her. Annie’s reply was, “you can’t ask me to marry you in a chicken sandwich.” The proposal was turned down, still Michael posted this embarrassing video on YouTube. Maybe, he wanted to send out a message for others like him. Fortunately, it wasn’t the end of their relationship and both continued together in wait of a more appropriate moment to get engaged.