Six people with world’s strangest health conditions

Six people with world’s strangest health conditions

Various physical disorders have enormous ways to make human body suffer, even cause death. Medical scientists have reported strange and rare diseases, and science has a logical explanation for most of them. But there are certain cases that are still either mystery for medical experts or are less explored for real reasons. Go through the following list of six people who are suffering from very strange medical conditions, and have hardly found any cure so far.

Katelyn Thornley sneezes 12,000 times a day

Katelyn Thornley is a seventh grade student from Angleton, Texas. An unknown condition causes her to sneeze over 12,000 times a day, which has totally disrupted her normal life. She used to be normal, but since 2015 this unusual condition forced her to visit over six physicians, but to no avail. No doctor was able to figure out the real cause. They ruled out all possibilities of allergic reaction. The medication prescribed by doctors also failed. Katelyn has to give up attending school or play clarinet because sneezing wouldn’t let her do anything. The only time she does not sneeze is while sleeping after taking a dose of Benadryl.

30-year-old Yuan Taiping appears 80 due to acromegaly

Yuan Taiping appears 80 due to acromegly

Yuan Taiping, resident of southwest China’s Chongqing municipality, is suffering from a strange condition that causes him to appear very aged despite the fact that he is only 30-years-old. When he was 21, muscles on every part of his body started to swell with appearance of wrinkles. He also complains of fatigue that is worsening with time. So far, no doctor could explain the exact cause of his suffering except for a hypothesis hinting acromegaly – a condition in which body produces excess growth hormone.

Laura Ponce cries crystal tears


Laura Ponce from Brazil is crying ‘crystal tears’ for past 20 years, but the cause is still unknown. It happens to her for weeks at a time. A new plaque forms as soon as she expels another. Each time it happens, she has to get as many as 30 plaque membranes from her eye a day. So far, the condition could be explained to have risen due to poor immunity of the eye against bacteria. Her eye secretes keratin, which together with other lubricating components secreted from eye causes tear crystallization. Silver nitrate eye drops provide her some relief, but Ponce is still waiting for an effective cure.

Shanyna Isom mysterious skin condition


Shanyna Isom was a law student at the University of Memphis in 2009 when a mysterious skin condition started to haunt her. Her hair follicles all over her body were growing nails instead of hair. Her body itches bad and her physical health has also deteriorated. The condition has made her look like a victim of house fire. The condition has also affected her bones and now she can’t walk without the help of a cane. Doctors claim they have not come across any such case before. Even after six prolonged years, doctors were not able to explain the condition. In 2011, when the family had given up all hope, she was accepted for treatment at Johns Hopkins. After a series of tests, doctors figured out that Shnayna was producing 12 times the number of skin cells in each hair follicle. Treatment has helped her, but unfortunately, it has cost her everything. Her medicines are ridiculously expensive at $ 25,000 per month.

Daniel Clavin suffers from non-stop hiccups

Daniel Clavin, a 30-year-old Irishman, has been hiccupping non-stop after one night of heavy drinking, two years ago. Clavin finds it hard to do anything. Condition doesn’t let him eat properly and he feels embarrassed to go out in public. It all began in 2011 after he attended a stag party. After three years, it worsened up to such an extent that sometimes it causes temporary lock up of diaphragm. He is forced to sleep alone despite being married. The medical community is still clueless about the actual cause. Later, he was put on a dose of chlorpromazine that helped him a little to cope up with the condition.

Cara Anaya suffers 180 orgasms every two hours

multiple o

Cara Anaya, 30-years-old mother of a 10-year-old from Arizona, is suffering from a persistent genital arousal disorder, which clung to her four years ago. It’s one of the strangest disorders as it causes her as many as 180 orgasms in two hours. She would suddenly feel aroused and experience multiple orgasms no matter where she is. She feels embarrassed and avoids being in open spaces. Even doing the school run is a nightmare for her as the arousal would keep building up and make her stay in her car until it’s over. Sometimes, she would collapse or injure herself. She used to have normal sexual life with her husband until the day, in a grocery store, when she suddenly felt aroused and collapsed on floor, giving way to multiple orgasms. Change in diet, showers, more exercises, nothing helped her. It might sound like pleasure, but it has ruined her life and she is fed-up of it.