6 futuristic superbike concepts that lure every rider

6 futuristic superbike concepts that lure every rider

Riders fancy superbikes with invincible features, and Industrial and automotive designers keep rolling out incredible concepts to quench their thirst. Inspired by latest technological developments and trending styling, the designers have conceptualized an enormous number of futuristic concepts. Although, some concepts might sound impractical, there is a strong possibility that someone is going to bring some of them to reality sooner or later. Take a look at six of the best such futuristic superbike concepts that lure every rider and manufacturer:

Ferrari V4 Superbike

Ferrari V4 Superbike

This concept, if manufactured, will feature the most expensive tech-specs and design elements. It would be like a legend. The bike is modeled using a V12 engine from the Ferrari Enzo supercar. Instead of 12, the number of cylinders are chopped down to four, the hand controls are adapted from an F16 jet and other controls have appeal of Ferrari’s Formula 1 car.

Speed Racer

Speed Racer

This Indian-branded concept bike is designed by Dan Bailey, who seems to be obsessed with the main character in the Aliens film. The very first look reminds us of Aliens, and a closer look, you’ll figure out the Tron features. Theme is built around the framework and specs of the Kawasaki Ninja. Speed Racer’s sleek design and smooth aerodynamics make it a tempting dream for passionate riders.

Akrapovic Full Moon


The concept premiered at the Bad Salzuflen Custombike Show in Germany, Full Moon features extravagant stuff and technically exceptional personality. Two modified custom-made exhausts, automated steering to get rid of visible cables and its hydraulic suspension that can fix the bike upright when parked, the Akrapovic offers improved performance. It’s designed to excite; with its S&S Knucklehead 1,524 cc engine, it has accomplished its purpose.

Indian Gorilla V4


Designed by Vasilators Ianis, the bike features a massive V4 engine. It’s like a dream machine for a rider. This beast features old fashioned ventilation grilles, numbered cylinders, big exhaust pipes, sporty driving position, 32-inch tires, hubless wheels, large amount of chrome parts and external tubular frame structure. The idea was taken from the rich history of Indian motorcycles and futuristic solutions. Combination of a muscular bike with delicate detailing and retro style look of the ’60s, it easily qualifies for the list of best futuristic superbike concepts.

Alfa Romeo Spirito


Again, from designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem, it’s a sort of upgrade to his previous project BMW Appolo Streamliner. Comparatively, the concept features a long nose that minimizes wind resistance and provides suitable space for the powerful engine. The machine also feature wonderfully crafted brown leather seat, exposed shocks and transparent parts to show off mechanics. The brand’s personality aptly reflects through Alfa’s red color and a four-leaf clover.

Apollo Streamliner

Industrial designer, Mehmet Doruk Erdem, designed it as a personal project that is meant for saltlake speed record attempts. This two-wheel concept is a blend of latest technology and traditional BMW brand design. Of course, the focus is speed. The combination of exposed engine and rear suspension reflects the delicacy of a musical instrument. The wide and sloping front section minimizes the wind effect on the rider. From every angle, it does look like a superbike from 2050.